I’m A Kickass Cook.

Today I cooked this:

And this:

Prepare yourselves.

Food porn is on the way to Vivography.

I also went to see my high school’s spring musical tonight with my brother. These are my observations:

1. A lot of the high school girls ARE REALLY SHORT wtf?
2. When I was in high school, there weren’t a lot of people who did drama club, but they were way better vocally than everyone who sang tonight.
3. Reserved seats. Really? Really?

Don’t Forget To Set Your Clocks Forward!

Today was actually incredibly productive. I dropped by Fabric Warehouse, Haberman’s and Joann’s and finally bought fabric for my Apparel Production 1 class which cost about $100 total. It was a nice little adventure to get out of the house. Then I came home and made the halfscale skirts for Fashion Design 2 and thought about doing the sketches for AP1, but I got sidetracked and ended up cleaning out my closet, vacuuming (finally!) and putting clothes back into my closet/Ikea boxes. Now my room looks 7x cleaner than before. And there’s room to set stuff down in the cubbies in my bookcases/dressers.

That said and done, I started watching Hello, Dolly! on Netflix but then my mom came in my room and said An Idiot Abroad was on so I was like maaaan, that’s why I started watching Hello, Dolly! Because I knew An Idiot Abroad’s new episode was on at 10, but they were having a recap from last week, so I watched that episode with my mom, then an episode of Ancient Aliens, and finally to new episode of An Idiot Abroad. Which was hilarious, regardless of the fact that it wasn’t a normal episode. Ricky finally had Karl get a prostrate examination and he was hidden camera watching/listening in on the procedure and giggling the whole time. I laughed so hard. I love Ricky Gervais so damn much.

Lastly, I promised a picture of the pumpkin pastry last night, so here it is!



But I Don’t Wanna Live That Way, Reading Into Every Word You Say

Tumblr is so addicting sometimes. I’ll tell myself “okay, 5 more minutes” and then half an hour later, I’m still scrolling through my dash. It’s unhealthy.

So thank god there were some lemon bars left this morning because I decided the pictures I took last night were absolutely atrocious (I used flashlights. They didn’t even turn out artistically cute.) so I grabbed the opportunity of natural lighting after I woke up and got much better results.

I think I might have to try out the grapefruit version soon. Like tomorrow, maybe. I also thought about setting up that foodography blog today that¬†HNI keeps telling me I should make. I didn’t, but I might eventually.

I’m also happy to say I feel better health-wise today. Although “deathcough” is still with me, if I cough deeply enough. I sound like a motor. Yet still, I feel much better and I’m still continuing to pray this will be the end of it. I really want to eat ice cream and drink cold drinks like a normal person this summer.

Lastly, I’ve only got 2 days left until it’s back to school and that makes me rather sad. I think we all deserved like a month off after that far too long and rather grueling term. I need more time to recooperate. Three core classes this term. I’m going to die.

Oh, P.S. This song has been stuck in my head all day. But it’s okay, because it’s enjoyable. My favorite part is when the girl (Kimbra) comes in. Really nice harmony.


One of the best things about waking up before noon is that, if it’s a pretty cloudless day, it’s pretty much the best time to take pictures of stuff. Like food and yourself and frosted grass. Which is exactly what I did today before being caged up at work. I made Tiramisu yesterday, which I believe I mentioned in last night’s post, and by the time it was ready to be eaten, it was too dark to take pictures. And I also wasn’t home. So this morning my mission was to take foodography pics.


I also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take some narcissistic pictures of myself with the absolutely gorgeous weather we were having, so here is a whimsical compilation that I think captures my personality pretty well:

I’m actually rather proud of all of these pictures because I fixed the ISO and aperture on my camera, so the weird fuzzy crap that was happening in the bokeh of my pictures is pretty much eliminated, which is excellent! Now all my pictures look more crisp, and that’s something I always try to aim for. Especially since I have a low-end DSLR. But all in all, I think I got a good turn out today. *Thumbs up*

Besides taking photos, I was caged up at work. But that didn’t stop me from reading poetry between customers. Here’s 2 quotes that really stuck out to me from different poems:

The heart asks more than life can give,
When that is learned, then all is learned.
– Sara Teasdale

Don’t talk of yourself in the style of your own obituary-
For who cares what they say of you after you’re dead.
– Sasha Moorson

The first is just relevant to my nonexistent love-life. The second is one of my major philosophies on life. I have always been of the opinion that once you’re dead, nothing of this world matters anymore. So make shit count. There’s another quote, actually, a song lyric from my favorite band Billy Talent that goes:

So throw all your luxuries aside
You can’t take them with you when you die

I think it’s a good idea to live by.


The Lures of Target.

It’s late Saturday night and I’m laying here on my bed trying to not think that after tomorrow, school starts up again. Although clearly I am thinking about it since I’m still typing about it. But it’s okay because I bought Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on DVD tonight at Target.

There is this particular Target in my area that I really like going to because it’s huge and I almost feel like it’s a flagship store because it has a lot of items that the other 2 Targets that I frequent don’t have. I went in to get Harry Potter, and of course, because Target is like the most awesome store to wander around in, I wandered around looking at cosmetics, baking goods, and Christmas plates. I found this particular plate¬†[the bottom one] of interest, although I didn’t buy it because I really want a plain white one. For photography purposes. It was also $6.00. Which isn’t a very bad price, compared to the $10+ for the same thing in different collections in the store.

I also stopped at Meijer to pick up some lemon cake mix because I want to make these cookies tomorrow. I got strawberry cake mix as well because it enticed me. Furthermore, I found Neuro and I was really excited so I bought Bliss and Trim. And I got a bag of whole grain pasta because it was only $1.50 and it makes me really happy.

Also, before I went to work today, I had dunchen [not quite lunch, not quite dinner] with my friends Alyza and Neil and it was quite nice. We went to Applebee’s [my first time] and I got a Honey BBQ Chicken Sandwich and it quite delicious. The only thing I didn’t like was the size of the chicken. It was massive. I really don’t require a steak-thick piece of chicken in my sandwich. Also, I did not know that so many black people like Applebee’s.

Lastly, today is my brother’s birthday. This is a picture of a slice of his birthday cake, enjoy!