Dear Netty: An Open Letter to Netflix.

Dear Netflix,

I bet you were wondering when I’d take a crack at you this month. Just kidding, you don’t have a brain. But if you did, then you’d know how much I really don’t appreciate you shitting out on me at least once per whatever episode I’m trying to watch on my Google TV. We’ve had a good almost-year Netty, why the sudden error-parade? And worse, why is it that whenever I try to restart watching whatever it is I’m currently watching, that I have to restart my entire TV in order for you to work again? I don’t like that Netty. I don’t like it at all.

I pay $7.99 a month so you can deliver greatness to my life. Now, that may not be much, considering I have two jobs and can afford your frivolity. But that does not give you the right to poop out on me, or worse, offer me such a limited selection on instant.

See, before your big policy change last summer, I was very much considering getting the mail-in DVDs for $2 more. But your price increase to another $7.99 steered me clear. I don’t have that much time for you Netty, nor do I care to dish out $15.98 every month for your services. If I had decided to do this challenge a month ago, this would’ve been the part where I would’ve complained that you didn’t have Dawson’s Creek on instant. But you saved your ass there by FINALLY uploading it, even though we both knew it should’ve been added at the same time you added Felicity and other shows from that time period.

Why the hell don’t you have Sailor Moon, Netty? DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD WATCH THAT SHIT!? Probably more than just me.

Speaking of which, I am continually disappointed with the selection of “mainstream” movies you offer me on instant, Netty. I feel like you should’ve acquired the rights to Avatar by last year, as well as the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Harry Potter, and dare I say it? Twilight. That’s right. Sometimes I feel the need to watch really cheesy love stories about vampires, werewolves, and an idiot teenage girl and frankly, I want to watch them instantly. Netty, you’re not delivering this to me and it make me really sad. Also, I am extremely disappointed with the selection of Robin Williams films and lack of stand up comedy.

But you know what Netty? At the same time, I kind of love you. I love you for The Tudors, Felicity, Keeping Up Appearances, Mad Men, and other goodies you do have on instant. I love you for the plethora of foreign movies I’ve watched, and I love you for hosting some raunchy ass stuff. But for the love of god Netty, get some better shit on there.

A Semi-Satisfied Customer.

And with that said, I started watching Mad Men last night on Netty up there. So far, so good. I’m enjoying the costumes and the allure of the 60s, despite everyone smoking like snakes and drinking (while pregnant!). Not to mention the racism, sexism, and infidelity. Apparently that shit ran rampant in the 60s. People were so naive back then.

I also had a photoshoot today! I was behind the camera the whole time, taking action shots of my friend Kris for one of his photography projects. It was pretty cool actually. We spent about 40 minutes in a field by the The Hill (not The Hills restaurant) and slowly watched a storm roll in in the process. Luckily, it started raining right as we were getting into our cars and going our separate ways. Pictures coming soon!

DTRO & Felicity Review

Let me start by first showing off a wonderful picture taken this morning in downtown Royal Oak of myself and Betsy. I took her and Mindy to DTRO because it’s a cute little niche location in the Metro Detroit area and there’s lots of wonderful boutiques to go to. We walked around and went into various Washington Ave stores, making sure to stay clear of the ever-judgmental American Apparel, and pay a visit to Paris.

And now for a relatively brief review of the series Felicity, which I finished watching last night. If you haven’t seen it and think you might want to see it, DON’T READ THE FOLLOWING. SPOILER ALERT RIGHT HERE.

So if you’ve been reading this blog for the past several months, you’ve probably seen me mention various Felicity episodes, and you’ll know that I was really into the show when I started watching it. I still am, don’t get me wrong! I really wish they would’ve continued it past college and made more than 4 seasons, but oh well. Anyway, I was happy when they got rid of Julie (the pink Power Ranger) at the beginning of season 3, and was happier when they started integrating Meghan into the show more. She ended up being Felicity’s best friend and I thought that was a really good covert “twist.” 

But the important part is the whole Felicity-Ben-Noel love triangle. I was very much 50/50 on who I thought she should end up with. On the one hand, she FOLLOWED BEN to NYC in the hopes of being with him or around him more. On the other hand, Noel was just kind of this…perfect guy for her. But shit got crazy at the end of season 4. For the last 4 or 5 episodes, we’re under the impression that Felicity “travels back in time” after Noel and Zoe’s engagement dinner because she wants to change her choice of picking Ben over Noel after she slept with Noel on the roof in the first episode of season 4. 

This leads us down a whole little series of ending episodes where she’s desperately trying to get back to the future, but at the same time making it work with Noel. Unfortunately, due to the fact that when you travel back in time and make a different choice, all other previous things that happened aren’t guarunteed to happen again. So she encounters all kinds of unforeseen problems, the last of which is Noel dying in the fire that took place in the middle of the season. In the original history, Elena dies (after college) in a car crash, so Noel’s death is kind of the balancer in the equation. She tracks down the author of the book where Meghan got the spell to send her back in time in the very last episode, and she tells him her whole college story. She ends up getting back to the future, but we find out that she was in fact just passed out with a fever and dreaming all of it and Noel is still alive, but Elena’s still dead. And she finally ends up forgiving Ben for cheating on her and they end up together and the series ends with slo-mo scenery from Noel and Zoe’s wedding. 

Overall, I was mildly disappointed in the finale because it wasn’t as heart-wrenching as I feel it should’ve been, but at the same time, I’m glad it ended on a relatively happy note. While she was dreaming, there was a part where Noel broke up with her and said that she’ll never love him like she loves Ben. All I could think about was how incredibly true that was. She harbored intensely deep feelings for Ben that she would probably never get over. In a way I think it’s really sweet and romantic, and in another way, if she hadn’t ended up being with Ben at the end of the series, it would’ve been…unresolved. 

Anyway, I need to go do some homework that I forgot about. I might explode this weekend with how much I have to do.

Meeting Friends and Stuff.

So, I just met my longtime online friend Betsy (and her friend Mindy who I also know, but not as well) for the very first time in person today. It’s still a little surreal and exciting and strange, but I think we get along pretty well in real life. Sure there were some “lulls” in the conversation (in fact, she told me that apparently there was a research study done that concluded that approximately every 7 minutes, there are “lulls” in conversations) but it’s pretty easy to talk to her – and it should be, after the 8 or 9 years we’ve talked on messengers nearly every night!

Normally this would be the part where I would share a cute photo of said event, but I only took 3 pictures so far, and I am in none of them (not that it really matters whether I’m in them or not, but I care) so I hope tomorrow or the next I might have some to share. I’m still so excited! I was surprised that they’re both shorter than I am, especially Mindy, who I also imagined to be at least a couple incher taller than me. But it’s still so cool to finally meet both of them, in particular Betsy, after knowing each other in the online world for so long. It’s kind of like pen pals way back in the day, but in the virtual age.

Anyway, so there’s a month left until our final garments are due for the fashion show. Alyza and I have to entirely create all of our outfits. We’re about halfway done with the two piece set because we’re doing it for one of our classes. And then we have to set to work to figure out how to construct the other 2…my brain might literally explode. This is going to be quite an adventure, I can just tell. Last night we go the fabrics for the dresses and thank SWEET BABY JESUS for Joann’s coupons cause we saved about $95, but still spent $139. She blames it on my expensive taste – to which I have to say that I can’t help that Dupioni silk moves and looks amazing.

And now it’s time to watch the last episode of Felicity. Full series review coming up tomorrow, most likely!

April Fool’s Eve.

Cheers to another boring day. I spent about 3 hours on Skype with my best friend today. We, or rather I, beat my head looking for our small black carry-on luggage (because I had another ‘nightmare’ last night about packing an hour before my flight was supposed to take off) only to find out that my grandma took it back to Romania with her last year. So I really do need to buy a new carry-on. Although I’m trying to find a bag that isn’t as small as a small carry-on and not as big as a mid-sized bag.

I also watched Religulous on Netflix, which was a fantastic documentary that Bill Maher did in 2008. It really brought to light just how vast the Christian faith stretches across America, as well as how incredibly fucking brain-washed people are. Along with other religions too. I’m not going to begin to explain the entirety of this movie, so I’ll just highly encourage you all to see it for yourselves. I personally thought it was bloody brilliant and it made me want to be Bill Maher’s bff.

And then I went to Target. Not because I needed anything, but because it’s conveniently right by my house and I was extremely bored. I ended up buying hair dye because I remembered while I was trying on dresses that I actually do need that desperately, and I found these cute orange ombre “dipping bowls.” They’re more like ice cream bowls in my opinion. I ended up buying those too with the thought of my mom yelling at me for buying more bowls. I don’t know what it is about them, but I have a sort of subconscious attraction or obsession with bowls. I think they’re cute. We have entirely too many in our house because of me. Oops?

I’ve spent the last two and a half hours (I totally did Zumba inbetween episodes)  indulging myself in Felicity. Started watching season 4 finally! At the end of episode one, FELICITY AND NOEL FINALLY HAD SEX. I was like =O FUCKING FINALLY! I THOUGHT THAT WAS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. But of course, now she’s facing the repercussions because she was still with Ben when she decided it would be a good idea to have carnal knowledge of Noel’s willy. Anyway, SPOILER ALERT DON’T READ FURTHER IF YOU DON’T WANNA KNOW MORE, but after episode two, I read the descriptions for the remaining episodes and found out Elena dies in a car crash. WHAT THE FUCK. I mean, I ruined the whole series for myself by finding out what happens in the very last episode when I read descriptions back in season 1, but damn J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves, way to kill off err’body!

The Zuck.

Since last night, I have accumulated 3 or 4 new opponents on Draw Something and it is becoming increasingly more addicting and hilarious. One of my friends had to draw “butcher” and he drew a cow and a man, highlighting the the utters and the man’s crotch. I had to anagram that one to find out what it was. I highly recommend this game for all of you. I believe it’s available on Facebook if you don’t have a capable phone. Or, as I said last night, you can play it OMGPOP!

Speaking of Facebook, they’re semi-gently pushing me toward timeline before it goes live on March 19 by letting me preview it. I’m still 50/50 on this interface, as I hate when how often they change it as well as the how it looks. If we could go back to maybe 3 interfaces ago, I’d be peachy. The homepage’s live stalker feed is too much. Also, I can’t figure out how to make places I’ve been to that I accidentally didn’t set to private, private on the timeline Map. Facebook shouldn’t be something to get stressed over. It should be simple and simple to use – which, for the most part, it is. Except for when they get all stupid and do shit like this. I want to smack the Zuck sometimes. And then put “I’m CEO, bitch” on MY business cards.

One last thing – I’ve talked about Neuro drinks before on here but let me say it again – Neuro Sleep knocks me out like A BABY. A big sleeping baby! I think I’ll have to drop by Meijer soon and grab some more. It took me half an hour of rolling around in my bed before I thought to drink half a bottle and then I fell asleep within 10 minutes. Miracle juice, I’m tellin’ you.

And now it’s off to watch some Felicity!