Chlooooe, I Know Your Sister Turns Everyone On

Today was a pretty mediocre day.

I ended up cancelling my craft show plans because apparently the way my boss made the schedule was specific to why we all needed to be there on certain days at certain times so I was like, alright, I can survive not doing this. Besides, I think I already mentioned it was all really last minute and I was procrastinating in making pieces anyway. Quite unprepared, really. There’s always next year.

The glint in my vision hasn’t gone away. I googled it again and phrased it as looking like a permanent camera flash mark and that yielded that results I was looking for. I’m not alone in this phenomenon, and I’m also not alone in being told by doctors that my eyes look perfectly normal. I think some people mentioned that was part of ocular migraines? And some people mentioned that it happens to them on and off throughout the years, which actually sparked my memory. I think I’ve had this before for a few days in a row like this. It should go away in time. If not, maybe I’ll ask to be referred to a retinal specialist.

For now, I’m gonna enjoy my day off tomorrow and probably (hopefully) hit the gym. My current euphoric feelings are helping me lose weight at a faster and more constant rate again, and that only pushes me to try harder and stay this happy. So cheers to that.

I Will Be Okay.

I’m the world’s biggest procrastinator, I know it.

I worked on more polymer jewelry for the show tonight, but I stopped after only making pretzels. That shit wore me out.

Instead I’ve been focusing my energy, WRONGLY, I KNOW, on my current eyeball situation. For the past maybe 3 days, I’ve been seeing a sort of blind spot/small round glint in the center of my vision when I blink really quickly or move my eyes really drastically and I’m not sure if I should be concerned or not.

I had a normal eye exam last month and everything was fine. I had an emergency exam last week for the ocular migraine and everything was fine. I’m really unsure whether this is some kind of like retinal tear or something or I’m just overreacting and seeing it more because I’m thinking about it more. ¬†EIther way, I have to keep reminding myself that I’m going to be okay. I will be okay.