Thoughts on Ass & Downton Abbey

Can this term be over with already? I am so ready to just not think about assignments anymore. All I want to do is lay around, contemplate life, take a bath or two, and go to the gym every day.

I want to get back to doing traditional art. I haven’t painted in so long. I haven’t sketched in forever.

And I can’t wait for summer. While I love having my hair look all pretty and straight or wavy, the joys of letting it do its thing cause it’s hot outside are truly wonderful. Plus, this summer I’m gonna look better than ever with this bangin’ new body. Which reminds me for the hundredth time this weekend that I need to find new bottoms for my bikinis because my ass is too small for the ones I currently have.

Also, if anyone else watched the Downton Abbey season finale tonight, I’d like to formally extend a WHAT THE FUCK because like, WHAT THE FUCK!?!

Growing Biceps Like a Petri Dish

This gif just made my night:

this is where i’d keep my scratching post…IF I HAD ONE

Also, tonight I decided to go to the gym after school/work and it was a great choice. I feel fantastic, though a little guilty about eating 3 pieces of cranberry tort when I got home. But I think I stayed within my points.

I decided to try out the resistance training apparatus tonight. The second guy that was on the neighboring one was very friendly and kind enough to lower my bar for me when I couldn’t figure out how. I think he said stuff after too, but I don’t remember what, as I was too distracted by his good looks and the weird way he was using his pulley.

I think I’m going to be properly sore tomorrow. I very much look forward to those pains. I love muscle fever.

Self Achievements

Day 16: Outside Christmas lights.

We do not have outside Christmas lights at my house, and I most certainly do not have any pictures of any outside lights (yet anyway) because as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t check the list for this challenge before it’s time to do the night’s post. Thankfully, I have finally taken a picture of the challenge, with half of it left to go, so that in the coming days, I’ll make sure to adhere to it as best as I can.

So anyway, I don’t have any pictures of lights, but I do have a picture of myself from earlier today while I was getting ready for the gym.

I was beyond excited and super happy this morning when I got on the scale for my weigh in. If you’ve been following this blog, you might know by now that I’ve been working hard to change my lifestyle and lose weight with the help of WeightWatchers. This past week I decided that I have a short term goal: to get under 200 lbs by the end of this year. As of today, I have 3.9 lbs until I’m at least 199.9 lbs. I think that’s doable in the next two weeks if I work really hard and eat clean and stay committed.

I am extremely proud of myself for the dedication and perseverance I put in to get to the point that I am at now. I know I need to improve in many ways, but that’s what time is for.

For now, here’s a picture I would never have taken a year ago.

Nobody gets you there but yourself. Every little achievement is a battle won in the long run.


Day 11. 

Today I’m grateful that I decided to take the initiative to seriously lose weight because few things feel better than shrinking out of your clothes and having to go shopping for a whole new wardrobe.

Not to mention, the progressive decrease in numerically sized clothing is such an ego booster. And so are the stares from strangers and the compliments from friends and the overall feeling of better health I feel in myself.

My younger self – middle school/high school self, would never have fathomed that I would go to the gym on a regular basis. That I would sweat bullets on maximum incline on the treadmill, or that I would be lifting weights and slowly gaining muscle.

I am damn proud of myself. 

Even though I was a bad girl and ate kind of like a piggy this past week and gained 2.4 pounds. Sigh. It’s an ongoing battle.

I Can’t Handle Life or Death Situations

Day 2.

Today I’m grateful for the privilege of being able to afford going to a gym and having my health in order to do anything there. I’m also extremely thankful that I overcame my fear and taught myself how to swim when I was 10 years old.

I say this because I went to the gym twice today. The first time was to the location near school, but I left because I forgot my shoes at home. On my way out, one of the employees ran past me and as I was walking out, I noticed other employees looking very concerned toward the pool area.

As it turns out, one of the patrons had drowned. He was laying by the whirlpool with a group of employees trying to recucitate him, and several other patrons still in the pool and whirlpool kind of looking on. They whipped out the defibrillator as I was leaving and ran it over to the pool. The ambulance came and everything, cause they were also calling 911 as I was leaving.

It was scary and intense and it reminded me of the time this summer when I saw that guy who had been hit by a van and was on the ground with a head injury, people holding him down so he wouldn’t injury himself further. And I teared up in my car for a hot second.

I really hope the guy at the gym didn’t die. It’s things like this that really remind me how precious life is and how easily it can be taken away. Sometimes you just have to step back and realize WOW, I’m alive. You know?