Why is Life So Busy?

Okay, first of all, let me say that I’m not COMPLAINING per se, as I love da $$$ and the commish, but goddamn, I’ve been working a lot lately and my schedule for the next month is very booked up, mostly with work, but also with events.

So, secondly, holy mother of god events. I’ve been getting invited to so many things lately! And again, I’m not complaining because it’s nice to be wanted, you know? But everything is so like TIGHTLY KNIT TOGETHER IN TIME. Like I have ~5 or 6 things/places I have to do/hit up this weekend alone. Damn!

Like for real people, I didn’t imagine my post graduation time to be spread so thin, like fatty homemade butter. But, just so the universe doesn’t do some kind of karma on me, I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!

Anyway, so I got my 50mm lens in the snail mail today! I quickly tested it out when I opened it and it. is. AWESOME. Super excited to be able to test it out more in depth when I have time and the weather is nicer. And that better be soon because I AM complaining about this: IT’S APRIL 24TH AND I’M FREEZING UNDER MY BED COVERS BECAUSE IT’S FUCKING 30SOMETHING DEGREES OUTSIDE. It rained, snowed, fogged, and it was sunny today. Get your shit together Michigan, goddamn.

Check out that legit ass packaging!

On the bright side, I got a new Lucky purse today and it smells like the leather gods have blessed it with the godliest leather scent in Leather Land and everyone who saw me sniffing it at DSW today gave me weird looks, but they have 0 idea what they’re missing out on, and that’s okay, because I totally don’t mind hoarding that divine scent all for my olfactory nerves.

The Art of Spending Your Money on Quality

One of the things I’ve learned from various people in my family over the years is to never cheap out on quality products. Especially when it comes to shoes.

As my uncle once told my aunt, “Don’t worry about how much they cost, if they’re comfortable, buy them.” My mom is the same way. She does kinda worry about how much they cost though, BUT, as generations of elders before me have taught me, if the shoe fits, buy it.

And that is what I did today. I stopped by Bed Bath & Beyond to look for magnifying mirrors and decided they were too expensive and I could probably get them cheaper on Amazon. Afterward, I went into DSW to see what was new in their clearance. I nearly bought a pair of booties that I wasn’t in love with, but would’ve served their purpose accordingly.

And then I decided to look at the boots they still had in the front to see if they had any that I might like. And they did. And they were comfortable. And they fit my calves (listen, 18″ calves were hard to shop for, but 16″ calves aren’t entirely all too easy either). At first I huffed and puffed though cause they were $189. But then I looked at the boots I was wearing and discovered they had holes in the soles. I knew they had holes in the sides cause I could feel snow getting my socks wet sometimes. At any rate, I knew they were really beat up.

So I bought them. And I love them. And I only have minor buyer’s regret. But I know they’re a good investment. I can see they’re made well with quality materials and they’re comfortable and the perfect color and yes. $200 well spent. Love.

Buyer’s Regret.

We had another gorgeous day here in the Metro Detroit area. High of 50, bright, sunshiney day and a very nice, mild night so far. The moon is shining extra brilliantly and I can clearly see Orion in the sky. It would be perfect it was raining so I could go to bed to the sound of rain against my window. But alas, I’m happy it was so beautiful out again because I decided it was another great opportunity to take more pictures. Of myself. 

That was followed by watching Felicity, and then just hanging around the house with my mom before we headed out shopping. I ended up buying 2 pairs of shoes from DSW:
– a Steve Madden loafer-esque wedge that I found earlier today while I was running an errand
– a very comfortable Jessica Simpson heel, pictured below. That sentence shouldn’t exist – comfortable, Jessica Simpson heel? This is the first time I’ve ever been able to say that. Also, IRL, the color of the pumps is a little lighter and looks fantastic against my skin. They’ll look even better when I’m tan.

But my DSW experience doesn’t end there. I tried on this pair of Audrey Brooke colorblock pumps with ankle straps, and upon trying to get them off found that the strap buckle was stuck. I panicked and yelled at my mom to come and help me. She did, after standing 50 feet away dumbstruck for far too long while I was starting to sweat because the strap was cutting into my circulation. In my attempts, I managed to get the little stick that goes in the holes to pierce me under my thumb nail about 1/4 of an inch in. It still hurts. 

Mmm, Good Food.

Okay guys. I need to stop spending my money. Today I dropped by DSW and Victoria’s Secret cause I had a $5 off any purchase coupon to DSW and 2 free panties coupons to Victoria’s Secret. I got this fantastic pair of dressy flats for $30 clearance at DSW and then when I when I arrived at Victoria’s Secret, they were having a 7 for $26 [getting progressively more expensive…] panty raid and as I believe I’ve mentioned before, I am an underwear fiend.

I have so much underwear, it’s ridiculous. My huge Ikea box is officially full. I could probably fit like 5 more pairs in there if I tried really hard, but it. is. to. the. brim. So I got 9 pairs for $26 today. That’s rather excellent, actually. But seriously, I have so much that I often forget I own certain pairs and when they resurface I’m like “Oh hey! I forgot you existed! I missed you!” I need to recount to see how many I have exactly, but last time I counted I had enough to give 7 day’s worth to 28 women? I think. Something like that.

Anyway, I also helped my mom cook today. She made parmesan chicken and I made parmesan potatoes and holy moley did it turn out a-mazing. Even my brother ate it. Twice. 

Yeah, my plate is on the floor. It's the only place I could get bright enough natural light. DON'T JUDGE ME.

Sadly, we did not have greeneries to add to this dish. At least not sufficient greeneries. It makes me sad on the inside. But it’s okay, potatoes are still vegetables. Hefty in the carbs, but still. If you click on parmesan potatoes in the above paragraph, you can find out how to make them so you can enjoy their deliciousness as well.