Catching Up on Life Part I

I finally had a day off where I could do things for me. THANK GOD.

I woke up at 11, stared at my drapes, and decided it was time for new ones. So post gym time, I hit up Joann’s and bought fabric and whipped them up before I unlocked level 1000 of homemaker status via baking pumpkin cheesecake, mini pumpkin cheesecake, and pumpkin pudding. #wifey (Seriously though, reasons I’d make a good wife…)


I also went to Best Buy to play with their DSLR’s and gauge what I want to upgrade to. As I was talking to the camera girl, she mentioned that the Nikon d7100 will be released this Sunday and opened up the cabinet it was in to let me see the box. A few minutes later, she took it out, mounted it, and LET ME PLAY WITH IT. I WAS SO EXCITED, IF YOU CAN’T TELL.

Lowdown: it’s fucking amazing! It’s being sold as body only, although you can get it with the 18-105 mm lens. I WANT IT. I’m thinking of upgrading to this beast. I still need to sell my d3000 though.

I also got my new glasses from Coastal in the snail mail today and I love them!

And lastly, I just watched episode 1 of season 5 of Mad Men and IT WAS EXCELLENT. LOL at the following parts:

– At Don’s surprise party:
Roger: “Why don’t you sing like that?”
Jane: “Why don’t you look like him?”
– Peggy chillin’ with Joan’s baby and Peter walks in and asks “What’s that?”
– Peter telling his secretary to pencil in a fake meeting with Coca Cola at 6 AM on Staten Island, knowing that Roger will see it

30 Day Challenge Accepted!

I just spent the last 3 hours baking lemon bars (that I can’t eat today cause I used all my points) and watching an episode of Felicity. Baking should count as exercise on Weight Watchers. Or at least the way I bake. I break a sweat, not even kidding. I’m a real baking beast! I thought about making lemon-coconut cupcakes as well, but decided that was too much work especially since I’m pretty sure people are going to be really excited about the lemon bars. Why, you ask? Because the person who asked me to make them is celebrating his birthday tomorrow and he’s been begging me to make lemon bars for him for probably 6 months. Also, HNI, J1B and me talked about lemonade and other lemon products last week and if I were HNI, I would be pretty fucking excited if I were reading this right now cause I’ll be getting lemon bars in my cubicle tomorrow. Just sayin’. 

Anyway, so April seems like THE month for 30 day challenges, suddenly. There’s the ‘write a poem a day‘ challenge, which I think I MIGHT try out actually. That means I have to write 2 poems tonight. We’ll see how that goes. But that’s not the one I want to do on this blog. I discovered this 30 day challenge through Gloria on Youtube, and I approve. So here’s yesterday and today:

Day 1: 20 random facts about yourself
1. I’m infatuated with redheads. So I dye my hair red.
2. I want to do naughty things to Jim Parsons. And Tom Felton. and Jonathon Rhys Meyers. And Wentworth Miller. And Jacoby Shaddix. And Pierre Bouvier. And Eddie Redmayne.  And Orlando Bloom but only as Legolas. Aaaand…Javier Bardem. There’s more…>_>
3. I love lemon anything. Hard candy? Give it here. Lemon cake, lemon pie, lemon whatever. Put it in my mouth. That’s what she said.
4. I have synesthesia. The grapheme-color kind. And also lexical-gustatory sometimes.
5. Billy Talent has been my favorite band for over a decade.
6. I’ve only ever traveled internationally by plane. How fancy, right? Hahaha.
7. I have an insatiability…when it comes to electronics. More specifically, with cameras. I always want to upgrade. It fills my mouth with a tension when I think about it.
8. Speaking of which, certain physical activities also fill my mouth with tension. One in particular produces (synesthetically) like a tense, blue cloud from the back of my throat up into the inside facing sides of my teeth.
9. I love reading good books. Especially good love stories – the kind that make me cry because they were so sad/damn good.
10. I purposely watch sad movies so I can cry.
11. I had dial-up internet until the end of 2009. It was a nightmare. It should be outlawed.
12. Every once in a while there will be a song on the radio that feels so summery, it gets me so energized that I have little dance sessions.
13. Sometimes I’ll just put on bikini tops for no other reason than to stare at my boobs in them. Yes, you read that right.
14. I have this innate feeling that I was born to lead.
15. I’ve always thought I don’t look good in lipsticks, but I’m starting to find that I actually do look good in them.
16. I like raunchiness. Sexualness doesn’t really phase me in a negative way.
17. I considered going to college to be a sex therapist.
18. I constantly daydream.
19. I often size up guys by imagining what it would be like to be married to them. Kinda like “omg what if that’s my future husband?” and so on.
20. I’m fiercely proud of my Romanian heritage, whether I show it or not. No, I’m not a vampire. 

Day 2: Describe 3 legit fears and how they came to be.
1. Doctors/anything medical. I have no fucking idea. I’ve always been afraid of doctors, from my earliest memories. I feel like something terrible must’ve happened involving doctors in a past life or something. But I hate them. It takes a lot of gumption for me to go to the doctor for anything.
2. Going blind. Again, not sure how this one came to be but I think it might’ve been in 7th grade when my eye doctor told me my retina showed signs of detaching. My new eye doctor actually told me the same thing last year. I’ve been trying to freak out too much about that. I can’t do anything without my vision. It’s incredibly important for my field.
3. Snakes/bugs&critters. That’s kind of a given for most people though. I loathe spiders and centipedes and snakes. I can usually deal with spiders somewhat easily. But centipedes and snakes and other disgusting long bugs freak me out. A lot. Especially since I’ve seen a centipede do a FUCKING BACKFLIP.

Now that you have that image in your mind, hope you all have a good night. :)