The Stresses

I’m upset.

Reason 1: 

Tonight I had to deal with very upset customers because one of my co-workers neglected to mention the item she bought was FINAL SALE (not returnable). At the end of the ordeal, the lady happy with a smile on her face. But that does not diminish the fact that I had to deal with her anger for a good 20 minutes prior to having to make her happy because of someone else’s ineptitude and greediness.

Reason 2:

With less than a week of wearing my second pair of contacts, I have officially put a tear in my left one while taking it out tonight because my nails are long and I pinched it out with my nails. This is entirely my fault. And I’m simultaneously mad and sad about it. It’s one of those situations where I just want to kick myself because there is no one else to blame but me. We have a word for it in Romanian, but there isn’t one in English.

Reason 3:

My job sucks. I hate retail. I hate customer service. Jobs in the field I studied are very much not abundant in Michigan and I do not have the funds to move out to a different state/country. Any time I apply for a design job that’s out of state, I feel like it’s completely useless and like I’m not being taken seriously because of where I got my degree from, because I’m out of state, and because no matter how impressive my skills set and honors are, I feel like my resume doesn’t reflect what verbal communication does.

Reason 4: 

I think the stress of working more and worrying about bills and future jobs prospects is making my hair fall out, but I’m not sure. My pony tail feels really small when my hair is straight or wet. But when it’s curly, it feels fine – it’s super thick as usual. The idea itself only adds to my worry list which I know is absolutely 100% NOT conducive for creating a positive outlook for myself.

Reason 5: 

I joined Weight Watchers again and instead of losing weight in the past week, I managed to gain weight. Additionally, I find that I do not have enough time in the day to exercise and do everything else I need to do. This is also stressful.

Can I please be a kid again? Life was so much simpler then.

I Don’t Get Paid Enough to Deal with Rude People

I’ve talked about negativity and how much I dislike it a lot on this blog. Let me reiterate that: I hate negativity. Which is a negative feeling in itself.

Tonight I had a customer call (who called about 2 weeks ago for the same reason) to inquire about whether her ring was back. So I asked her a few questions like back from what exactly, what her name was and was it a layaway or repair to which she very rudely answered that it was a repair and then very snappishly told me that I should know where things are because I work there. I deeply regret biting my tongue because I was about to tell this bitch that I was asking her questions so I could gather where I should be looking to find out where her ring is.

Mind you, last time she called, she did not give me any specifics out right without my asking about where I should be looking for her ring.. It wasn’t there and I was under the impression that our jeweler had it (98% of our repairs are handled by our jeweler) and I told her this and she yelled at me that I should know where her ring is because I work there. Which, by the way, PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF. JUST BECAUSE I WORK HERE DOESN’T MEAN I KNOW EVERYTHING AND I ALSO DIDN’T HANDLE YOUR FUCKING REPAIR. I’m calmer at this moment than I was both times after talking with her, but I assure you all that this lady is a fucking cunt and I’m being very docile in explaining the situation right now.

Anyway, I looked in our repair book and saw that her ring had been sent to the vendor, which is OVER SEAS. Vendor repairs generally take between 6-8 weeks to return back home. This bitch’s ring has been out for 3 weeks. 3 fucking weeks and she’s HARASSING ME. So I told her the vendor has it and SHE FUCKING HUNG UP ON ME. No words. Simply *click*.

I fucking snapped.

I yelled “HELLO!?” into the phone even though I knew she’d hung up but I was half hoping she’d still be on the line. And then I said FUCKING BITCH. OOOOOOOOOOOO I wish she’d still been on the line to hear that. I cannot even BEGIN to explain how much this bitch pisses me off. She calls and harasses me like this all the time and then just fucking HANGS THE FUCK UP without saying anything while I’m still giving her information.  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!?!?

I swear to god, if this interaction had happened in real life, I might’ve lost my job. Like I might’ve hopped the fuck over the counter and beat a bitch. I told our LP guy the whole story and the entire time I was beating my fist into my palm because I was THAT angry. The utter disrespect and rudeness of this fucking bitch makes me sick to my stomach. Just because I work in customer service/retail doesn’t give you any fucking right to talk to me like that.

FUCK the “customer is always right” slogan. That shit is bullfuckingshit and we all know it. 9 times out of 10, the customer is wrong and I shouldn’t be bending over backwards to please their ignorant ass. I don’t get paid enough for this fucking shit.

Later in the night, a foreign man whistled for his wife to meet him in the front of the store. I was startled at first. Then he kept doing it. Quick and loud whistles as if it was summoning at a dog. I looked up and gave him a severe dirty look because:
2. It was hurting my ears.
3. How fucking demeaning is that!?

Lastly, as I was walking into Meijer tonight, a foreign lady and presumably her daughter looked at me weird/kinda annoyed because they wanted to exit through the IN door that I was coming in. They have automatic doors with signs that say “DO NOT ENTER” if you’re going the wrong way (which they were) and “IN” for the right way. Again – ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!?!?!? Don’t fucking look at me like I’m on the one who’s doing something wrong because you don’t have enough brains to look at the signs on a fucking door.

Additionally, my boss was aggravated which did not create is a friendly work environment today. We were mostly silent and I’m okay with that because it leaves more room for me to think and keep to myself. But when we did talk, or rather SHE talked, it was to complain about various stupid things other employees did. I find this unprofessional.

The world was here to piss me off today.

A Few Things…

…that annoy me about one on one customer service jobs:

1. Customers who think they’re more important than other customers. Who are you that you think you deserve my attention RIGHT THIS SECOND RIGHT NOW while you can CLEARLY see that I’m currently with someone else? Who are you to rudely “tsk tsk tsk” behind my back while I’m with another customer? Fuck you.

2. Customers who make me take out items placed in hard to reach spots in the showcases and THEN DON’T BUY SHIT. SUCK MY DICK.

3. Customers who make me give prices on items in every. single. case. AND THEN DON’T BUY ANYTHING. SERIOUSLY GO AWAY OMG.

4. Customers who complain that gold is so expensive now, but ask if they can get like a thick 30 inch chain for ~$100. UM NO, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. THIS IS 2013 HOMIE.


And now for some good news: I HAVE SKIRTS UP FOR SALE IN MY ETSY SHOP!!
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The First Bitch.

In the words of Jacob Israel from Glee [whom I detest, btw], SHALOM, BLOGOSPHERE. No, I’m not Jewish – but through a rather longass thought process, I arrived to the conclusion that that greeting was probably the most appropriate and simultaneously [slightly] hilarious after remembering a conversation I had nearly 12 hours ago at work with my boss involving how I think Jacob is a douchelord, but we can save that for a post about Glee later on.

Anyway, I plan for this blog to be my [rather public] place to bitch about life and the injustices of it as well as the gloriousness that comes along with e-booking the shit out of your textbooks for college and Aldi’s delicious and lowly priced Choceur chocolate. I swear that stuff is sent from the gods.  Just kidding that’s supposed to be Ferrero Rocher, right? [I love Ferrero too. So much, it makes me cry.]

So, first order of business: you know it’s the beginning of the hellish Christmas season when you have 2 jobs and you juggle intense classes with teachers who give you excessive amounts of homework and everyday you go home you want to tear every follicle out of your head because there’s never enough time to do anything. I literally feel like there’s less amount of time in the world right now with all the crap I have to do for school, not to mention my training at my new job requires something like “homework” involving knowing lifetime warranties as well as how metals react with speed-brite and other shit. It’s extremely stressful, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to want to kill myself every week. Okay, not really, since I’m not suicidal nor do I have suicidal tendencies – but so much pressure can really get to a person.

I guess it’s also partially my fault. When I do have freetime, I don’t “use it wisely” by doing homework. I prefer to do stuff like exercise believe it or not, and watch tv and maybe read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the fifth time. No biggie. I guess I should be trying to do some homework but I mean…it’s called freetime for a reason, right? *sigh* Sometimes life gets overly complex. Like when you like guys who don’t like you back and you realize you just wasted four months on a fruitless basket. And that’s when you kick life in the nuts and give it a nice big “fuck you” with your middle finger in the air.

There’s so much more I can bitch about, but there’s only so much a person can read in one post. Therefore, I will leave you all with a lovely reenactment of an interaction I had this morning walking into work:

*Walks behind desk, stuff is not even set down yet*
Guy who was behind me by 5 steps:  *Stands there*
Me: Can I help you?
Guy: Uh, can I get some headphones please?
Me: I’m not signed in yet.
Guy: Oh. *Walks away. Comes back at the EXACT MOMENT I log in* Can I have some headphones now?

And this is why I call working in anything to do with customer service, Hell.