Happy Halloween!

Today is technically the last day of the 30 day NANOWRIMO pre-challenge, but I think I might extend this to possibly be a 365 project. Maybe. Probably. It should get me more hits, right? I’m determined not to have this blog poop out like my other ones. I think the problem with my other ones is that they’re topic based. This is more freestyle.

Anyway, today I went to work as a cat, and so did my boss! I was expecting her to be a nerd because that’s what she said she was probably going to show up as, but when I opened the door, I saw her costume and I laughed and I was like “we’re twins!” It was cute. I would post a picture of both of us, but I’m not sure how she’d feel about that. So instead I will post this great picture my mom took of me jumping out in the backyard before the trick-or-treaters arrived. I decided I would call myself Pandacat because even though I have a cat tail and whiskers, my ears look pandaish. PANDACAT.


There is nothing else to talk about because today was quite uneventful. Like I predicted: no parties, no drunkenness, and no slutting it out. Although I did do the skanky panda look. 

Sushi and Drinks and Halloween, Oh My!

Amount of things I did today that contributed to my homework assignments: 0
Amount of things I did today that were pure fun: quite a few. :D
Including grocery shopping with my dad [which doesn’t sound like fun, but it was. I got sushi and drinks, yummo!] and making my mom get out of the house for about 10 minutes to take pictures of me jumping because I felt the need to capture my hair in motion. There’s a lot where she captured me genuinely laughing and while I think they’re not that attractive, they are attractive in the sense of “hey look, a genuine emotion.” You know?

This is my favorite in terms of motion of the hair.

I can’t wait for this term to be over. Only one more week and then a week full of freedom to do anything I want and wake up whenever I want with no alarm!! But it’s all bittersweet. All the cool kids are graduating. Which really is quite depressing. This will be the third time I’ll have gotten close with coworkers only to have to say goodbye so soon. I want to say that it’s not like we’ll never see each other again, but it’s probably somewhat true. I can look back on any friendship from high school and early college and say that those who graduated have not kept in touch. But it works both ways. Life gets in the way. It’s how these things go. Nothing you or I can do but move forward. Right? Right.

Nostalgia aside, tomorrow is Halloween! And I’m kind of excited even though I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a loner as usual, not getting drunk via keg-stands and whoring myself out with friends. I’ll be dressing up as a cat I think. Although I was just about to go Google panda makeup and see how to do it in case I do a last minute change. I watched Heidi Klum’s vlog thingy on AOL earlier today about her costumes. She has incredibly strange taste in Halloween costumes, but I kinda like it in that weird way. So I checked back to AOL a few minutes ago and saw this article where I found this fantastic picture of Kim Kardashian. I really don’t like Kim Kardashian for many reasons, but I am in love with this take on Ivy. Makes me wish I was Ivy for Halloween!

High Friends Are Weird Friends.

I’ve never had a problem with marijuana. Actually, I still don’t have a problem with marijuana. But I do have a problem with friends who used to be cool, but discovered marijuana and got addicted, and are no longer cool.

Tonight I stopped by Haberman’s in downtown Royal Oak with a friend I haven’t seen in a few months, and I knew from other friends that she’d been really smoking it up lately. Anyway, the moment I saw her walking toward my car when I went to pick her up, I knew she was high. Then she said hello to me when she got in the car and I was like yup, you’re high.

So when I parked at Haberman’s I asked her if she high, and she said yes. And I said “Don’t you think you’re a little addicted here?” And all of a sudden her demeanor went from slow, slurry, and droopy-eyed to alert and she said “No” really firmly.  But I completely disagree. I disagree with anyone who says that marijuana isn’t addictive. Because if it wasn’t, then all the potheads who smoke recreationally would stop cold turkey and never do it again.

But anyway, I know I’ve mentioned this like a million times already, but I am really excited about tomorrow. I put on my Cupid costume and I look totally boss, as you can see in the picture below. Speaking of costumes, today was wear pink in support of breast cancer awareness, so I finally got a chance to wear my hot pink pencil skirt and I looked totally hot. The cute guy at Best Buy who helped me get a new SD card for my camera cause my laptop fried my other one was totz checkin’ me out. Holla.


The Tutu Dilemma and Snobby Fuckshits.

Alright, so instead of finishing up this psych paper, I’m further procrastinating in the form of going berserk over the fact that Simple Plan is coming on tour to Michigan and I might cry with happiness. This is like the Hedley feeling all over again. I’m so excited, holy shit.

Also, I’m listening to Evanescence‘s debut song off their self-titled 3rd studio album, What You Want. And the video is beautiful in that dark gothic way, except it’s like…refined gothic. Both aesthetically and musically. And Amy Lee’s eyes are freaking me out in this video. The red eye shadow really enhances the green of her eyes. I love it, but it’s freaky. In the best possible way.

Furthermore, today I went shopping for tulle and other odds and ends and I got a buttload of black tulle because I’ve decided that damnit, I’m going to have a black tutu for my cat costume on Halloween! And I grabbed some white tulle to add more to my white tutu, which my neighbor still has and won’t give back to me even though I asked her to give it back to me via Facebook and text message. Annoying? Highly. I need that shit like NOW.

Speaking of costumes, Thursday I’m going to be Cupid. Which is why I need my white tutu back ASAP. I got a plain white deep scoop neck t-shirt that I’m going to sew a fleece heart on, and I got some feather angel wings and like a Pocahantas bow and arrow set that I’m going to redecorate with white felt and add a cute red heart on the tip of the arrow. And I need to make a gold braided band to wrap around my head so I can look more convincing. On Halloween day, I’m either going to be the cat or the panda. I haven’t figured it out yet, although I’m leaning toward the cat right now because I already have the tail made from 3 years ago and I have a cat ear headband. Although it can pass as panda or mouse ears…so I was thinking of making pointed covers for the ears so they look more catty.

I also dropped by Target today and got some hair dye cause after this term is over, I’m going to dye my hair cause my roots are like an inch. [And I finally got a haircut today!] And I FINALLY found a plain white bedskirt for my bed and I was like “you’re coming home with me before someone else snatches you.” And I got some Nair, because I decided the bottle I had was old and gross. And I discovered that Nair has changed their scent and it smells a lot less like nasty and a lot more like something I don’t mind putting on my body. Good job Nair!

Lastly, today I sort of bumped into this guy I went to school with. He was always kind of obnoxious when he was around other people, but tended to be pretty down to earth and homely when he spoke with me one on one. Except maybe in 6th grade or when he was high…it’s funny, I remember in 7th grade when I found out he did his own laundry and ironed all this clothes and I was so surprised. I never expected him of all people to be that disciplined. Anyway, at first I was like “huh, guy with a hoodie on his head rifling through Target bag…” then I did a double-take as I got closer to him and realized he was staring at me just as much as I was staring at him and then he said hello to me and I said hello back and realized who he was. Regardless of how much of a pothead that kid is among other stupid shit he does, I still appreciate him greatly for the fact that if he sees me, he always says hello, unlike some snobby fuckshits we both mutually know. And for that I am grateful.