I Love Organization

I have finally completed another phase in my room cleaning expedition: my closet. The one with hangers, not the bookcase, that’ll be another day.

I organized everything by season, color, style, and pairing coordination as well as cleaned out the bottom of my closet and moved all my shoes down there, along with my purses – although I need to cushion that section with something. Even though I vacuumed and cleaned the bottom of my closet, I feel weird just placing my purse down there nakedly without anything holding them or cushioning them. I might have to go to Target or something for a big plastic container or a cork board roll.

I did end up going to Ikea today for organizers, however. I considered buying some kind of wooden mini bookcases to stick on the shelf in my closet, but decided that it would just add weight to the shelf, especially with clothes thrown in there. So I opted with the Drona series fabric boxes ($4.99 each) and tilted them on their sides to created more storage and utilize the height space I have on the shelf.

I’m very pleased with the outcome, although I think I might also buy another two boxes or so for the other side of the shelf where I currently have a few purses and some books, again to ulitize the height space.

I can’t even begin to describe how happy this organization has made me. It’s like everything just fits in perfect order and all I want to do is keep my closet doors open and stare at my work all day.

Oh! I also bought a new clock – again – thinking that because it doesn’t have a second hand, it won’t tick. I was wrong. I spent $15 on this clock, guys. Had I known it was going to tick, I’d have just left my $6 clock from Target on my wall. But, since Ikea is ~32 miles away, I’m not going to go get my money back. So I moved the Target clock to the bathroom and took down the ghetto bird clock we’ve had in there since the dawn of time.

Still on my list of things to do:
– Clean the side cubbies of my desk
– Clean both Ikea bookcases
– Look through my bookshelf and eliminate books I don’t want anymore
– Look through the 2 foot high stack of magazines I’ve accumulated for the past year
– Wash my carpets
– Paint the doorway and lining of my room. Maybe my closet too.
– Paint the stairwell

New Year, New Closet

It is officially 2013 and while I started this blog in the latter half of 2011, it feels as if I’ve been here for 2 years already.

Last night I went to two NYE parties. The first was a formal party that I braved the freeway 19 miles for. I didn’t stay very long. As more people trickled in, the beer pong began, and pot cookies were starting to be eaten, I found my escape to move on to the next party.

Can we just all take a moment marvel at my beautiful 16″ calves? Amen.

It’s not that I felt uncomfortable per se, but rather that I wanted to ring in the New Year among more than 3 acquaintances. It was kinda funny though because as I was saying my goodbye to Adam, the host, his roommate (also the DJ for the night, and quite the artist, as I noticed through my tour of the house) was in the hallway with us and he pulled him closer and half-whispered something about one of the girls being really hot. I have no idea who he was talking about, but I got a Facebook friend request in the middle of the night from him.

At that point, I felt like I was in a movie and wondered to myself, is this really happening right now? 

And then I drove 23 miles down to Krista and Glenn’s for their NYE LAN party which I didn’t actually expect to be a LAN party and was slightly taken aback when I walked in and there were about 2 people setting up their desktops/laptops in addition to about 4 others already playing and joining in on Chivalry. I think I let out a giggle of approval and then stuffed my face with 4 slices of pizza that tasted like Jesus himself had blessed them. 

We all momentarily gathered in the living room to watch the ball drop and counted down aloud, drank a sip of champagne, and then 10 seconds later bounced back to playing Chivalry. I took pictures. And then I left before 1 AM because I’m too much of a goody-two-shoes (and also I didn’t have anything else to do and Krista was sick.)

And that, my friends, was my NYE night.

Today I spent 3 hours shopping with my mom at Great Lakes Crossing and spent far too much money (ON THINGS I NEEDED THOUGH, HONESTLY), but when I came home, as I was putting clothes away, I cleaned out my closet and removed 3 giant bags worth of old, too big and some unworn items. Because hey, this is a new year, a new closet, and a smaller me. 


Day 17.

Today I’m grateful, once again, that I took the initiative to lose weight for good.

Such few things feel better than fitting into smaller clothes and sizes that my body hasn’t dreamt of since middle school.

Helloooooo new pants.

The Bucket List

Day 20: 10 things on your bucket list

1. Take a cruise around the world. They’re like over $10k and last about 144 days. Around the motherfucking world.

2. Visit the great pyramids at Giza.

3. Take a year to travel Europe.

4. Show at London/Paris/Milan (fashion).

5. Have books written about me…or my legacy.

6. Be famous for my work.

7. Donate massive amounts of money to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and organizations such as No Kid Hungry.

8. Have a house with a maze garden in the backyard and life-size chess set.

9. Publish my poetry…someday.

10. Fit into a goddamn size 6.

If you ever find an item of clothing that’s mildly damaged – example, torn at the seams, scuff mark somewhere, or anything that’s fixable – BUY IT. You will most likely get a discount for the imperfections. Today I bought a pair of pajama pants at Old Navy for half price because there was a big hole at the seam where the serger didn’t catch the fabric. SCORE.

Dear Wal-Mart

Dear Wal-Mart,

You have simultaneously disappointed and made me happy today. I’m happy because you guys always carry, like ALL the Febreze air freshner fragrances and I totally bought an apple one for my room. Thank you for that Wal-Mart. Also, thank you for $1.88 bags of Starbursts for the library.

However, and I suppose I should preface this by saying that one should expect a stench of cheapness and slight desperation when one enters Wal-Mart, but I was perusin’ your ladies clothes and must say that since the last time I was at Wal-Mart, which was a little less than a year ago, that section of your store has become quite possibly the saddest clothing section of any store ever. I might even go as far as saying sadder than Meijer’s cheapass clothes. The only nice thing I found was a pair of Detroit Tigers ladies booty shorts for $17 and we both know the only reason those shorts were $17 was because they were licensed. They probably cost $0.37 to make.

But that’s beside the point. Listen Wal-Mart, I totally understand the whole trickle down, trickle-up and that one plateau theory – I had to study that shit, after all. But I’ve never seen so much unfashionable fashion vomit in my life, and I work in the store that brings a lot of shit in. I mean, sublimation shirts, Wal-Mart? Really? THOSE ARE NOT CUTE. THEY WEREN’T EVEN CUTE WHEN THEY STARTED MAKING THEM IN 2008. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP WEARING THEM AND THEY WON’T STOP WEARING THEM IF STORES LIKE YOU HAVE THEM READILY AVAILABLE LIKE 1990S HAIR SCRUNCHIES.

If you’re wondering what sublimation tops are, they’re the ones that look like they’ve been folded, painted, and then unfolded to show the uncolored strips underneath.

Also, I’m pretty sure I might have vommed in my mouth seeing racks and racks of the UGLIEST FUCKING PRINTS MY POOR EYES HAVE EVER LAID UPON. I’m talking like ugly dark colors (IT’S SUMMER FOR GODSAKE) small paisley and what I think might have been the saddest “floral” prints on this planet. I understand following trends, BUT YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.

I really should have taken a picture of this one bathing suit I found, because it was the most atrocious thing I’ve ever seen. I even said to my mom WHO FUCKING APPROVES THIS SHIT!? Listen Wal-Mart, all I’m saying is that ya’ll need to get your shit together and maybe like, fire your whole fucking apparel team and hire new blood, cause while I understand that you guys cater to the lower-end customer, they shouldn’t suffer in looks. I feel like just because you shop at Wal-Mart doesn’t mean you have to LOOK like you shop at Wal-Mart, you know what I mean?

Seriously though…Can you guys like…hire me or something? I’m down for being creative director of the apparel department. I will revamp ALL dat shit. No more vomitrocious prints and cheesy 2002 Little Miss Sunshine graphic t-shirts.

– Viviana