Leaving & Lindt

Day 15.

Today I’m grateful that I graduated in 2009 because I wouldn’t have had the amazing teachers in college that I had the opportunity to have teach me had I graduated say, this year.

Why you ask?

The state of Michigan has mandated (if I’m remembering correctly here) that you cannot teach at a college/university without a Master’s. Which means that my school is cutting a lot of staff from the fashion department.

And I am ever so grateful and thankful that I had the opportunity to be taught by such amazing people, many of whom will not be here any longer come January. Today was my very first college teacher (who has a Master’s, actually, and is working on a Ph.D) last day. It was really sad. But she gave me a bag of Lindt Lindor truffles before she left and two hugs.

On the bright side though, I’m also grateful that I decided to wish my not-friend but now sort-of-friend-again a happy early birthday and then give him a Lindt truffle because then we talked a little and we hugged and today is going to continue to be an overall good day.

Adventures in Downtown Royal Oak

Thoughts on weekends:

One of the the best things about this term is that I only have class Mon-Thurs, which leaves me Friday, Saturday, and Sunday open (minus one of those days, really, for my other job) and that is such a relief. I actually have time to breathe and think and do homework more thoroughly again!

Today I dedicated my free time to shopping/exploring. I met up with Krista in downtown Royal Oak and we walked to Paris‘s new location. We spent a good chunk of time in there, and I don’t know about Krista, but I spent most of my time looking at the jewelry and trying to find something to get my mom for mother’s day. Luckily, I found 2 rings I liked, and I bought them. Neither of them are real gold or silver, but they’re so pretty, I had to get them. They’re a little big, but I think I’ll get some snuggies for them tomorrow at work.

I also bought my mom a box of hazelnut bon bons from Gayle’s Chocolates. They’re pretty delicious, but I kind of wish I’d have bought her the lemon blueberry shortbread ones instead. We had Indian for lunch at Moti Mahal and Krista got the Chicken Vindaloo which was the hottest item on the menu. I tried it and thought I was going to die a little.

Lastly, we ventured over to Salvation Army (after visiting Incognito where I felt judged upon entrance) and Krista left early, where as I found a fantastic lemon yellow English teacup and saucer set to had to my mini collection for $10! Quite a bargain compared to the $20 a set German sets I bought from Paris last fall. I need to visit more Salvation Armies more often so I can pilfer their kitchen sections for teacup sets. And also their jewelry. Which is usually ridiculous and I like it.

I was planning to go visit downtown Ferndale tomorrow so I can go to The Rust Belt Market, but I think I might have to save that for another weekend. I think tomorrow will be Zumba/shower/change bedsheets/do some homework before work kinda day.