Cheering Up with Chinese

Day 27: Nighttime.

Well, after a long day at work that consisted of mostly being on Tumblr and contemplating the current state of my life, I came home to Chinese food and it made everything just a little bit better.

However, I’m still frustrated with a lot of things. Especially the current outlook on the internship front. Thankfully, yesterday I decided to open my mouth and ask about internships at Anthropologie and they gave me an application to fill out. I think I mentioned this yesterday. I plan on turning it in tomorrow and I really, really hope this goes well. Like, I will squeal like a child and I might even cry.

And if it goes well, then I can continue lamenting over my lack of a love life and the frustrating state it is currently in. Because for like a hot second, something almost existed and I had hope and I was like SHIT SON, WUT. And then it fizzled and then suddenly it BURST INTO FLAMES AGAIN and I was like OMFG WUT!? And then it came to a rather screeching halt and I’m kind of confused and annoyed and goddamnit – I know I can’t have everything I want, but why am I continuously denied this of all things? WHY.

I’m A Pro, Guys.

The other day, our fat Oranda fish Robin died. So today, after going out for Chinese food (I was so happy when I found out that was going down) we (the whole family) went to Petco and got another Black Moor. He’s so cute. I haven’t named him yet. The other Black Moor we have is named Batman. Maybe this one will be Batgirl? I actually don’t know if it’s male or female.

On top of Chinese and an adorable new fishie, I also got to see HNI today for the first time since the end of last term at bowling when I got the most glorious hug of my life. I hope you all squirmed a little reading that. I kinda felt bad though cause me and were talking about cooking Romanian food when he waltzed over to us, and we were going back and forth about food and he didn’t quite get to say much, but rather stood there watching us like a tennis match with a look of total bemusement on his face. And he peaced out like not even 10 minutes later. Made me a wee sad. But it’s not like it’s going to be last time I’ll ever see him.

On another note, lately I’ve been thinking about the purpose of this blog. I feel like all I do is recount what I’ve done throughout the day and sometimes I feel like that’s insufficient and droney. But writing on a theme is what makes me stop keeping up with my blogs, so on the other hand, not having the pressure of that is what has kept me writing on this blog for 6 months. And I think that’s a good thing. But I think I’m going to start sharing more interesting things. Like:

You can thank me later. And no, that isn’t from the 70s or 80s. It’s from 2003 WHICH I TOTALLY FUCKING GOT RIGHT EVEN BEFORE I GOOGLED IT TO MAKE SURE. FUCK I’M A GENIUS. Yesterday my mom and I were watching Glee, and when they sang Mario’s Let Me Love You I was like “2005.” And she said “…what?” and I was like “That’s when this song was at the height of its’ popularity.I’m a pro, guys. 


Yesterday is officially ranked as one of the best days of my life. Like I mentioned in my last post, it was filled with Panda Express and hilarity and laughter, but after I posted, it was filled with CARNAL PROGRESS and me drunkenly laughing and screaming at people. Jovially, of course.

Anyway, so what I couldn’t mention (because Job 1 Boss reads my blog) was that and I decorated the shit out of cubicle. She’s been sad for the past two days because she had to put her dog down the other day, so in an effort to make her smile, I thought it would be a good idea to use the remainder of my printing allowance to print a buttload of pictures of ourselves, Kiefer Sutherland, Ryan Gosling, and Neil Patrick Harris. We forgot Michael Buble though. While we were putting them up, I was starting to laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe and was trying to say how hilarious it will be when her boss comes up and sees everything. But I got tipped over the laughing-edge when I was trying to take a picture to upload to Facebook for today and popped in with double thumbs up. I tried to take the picture 4 times, and then I collapsed in uncontrollable wheezy laughter. For like 5 or 10 minutes. On the floor. said I sounded like a dying turkey. 

So after nearly asphyxiating myself with laughter, I went home and drank probably half a bottle of Moscato, showered, and got in my pajamas. Then my friend Neil called and asked if I was coming to bowling, and I said I couldn’t cause I couldn’t drive drunk. So he picked me up and we went to a local pizza bar with two other friends and afterwards went to one of the local bowling alleys for end of term bowling. We spent an hour playing pool before people showed up because we got there early. That was a lot of fun. I hadn’t played pool in a LONG time.

But that wasn’t the highlight of my night. HNI showed up which was the beginning of the highlight. We got to talk for probably 45 minutes and it was quite nice. I kind of felt like I cornered him a bit when we were left alone, but he didn’t seem bothered by it, so maybe that was just my imagination. There was one point when this random gamer I’ve never seen before was talking with us and I don’t remember what prompted him to say it, but HNI mentioned that I had more Photoshop skills than some gamers. I blushed. It was a really nice comment. I meant to ask him if he reads this blog when we were on the subject of Photoshop/photography (he really wants me to make a photography blog) because I’m very curious if he RSS’s it. (Hello, if you do.)

Yet, the best part of the night was when he was leaving. I decided that I wanted a hug (partly to see if he would actually do such a thing, but mostly because…I can’t even explain it), so as he was passing by saying goodbye to me, I outstretched my arms and he totally came right for me and hugged me back! But of course, being the comic that I am, I said “human contact” during and it made him laugh. That hug was the highlight of my night. Nerdy as it may be. Carnal progress.

I came home late and passed out pretty quickly after turning lights off. And I slept until 1 something today. And then found a note in the kitchen with money to get Chinese food and I made strange noises of approval. I also watched Felicity (the episode where Todd Mulcahy shows up and then he gets hit by a bus – AND MY MOM TOLD ME WHEN SHE WAS YOUNG, THERE WAS A GUY WHO APPARENTLY KILLED HIMSELF BY STANDING ON TRAIN TRACKS AS A TRAIN WAS COMING BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T LIKE HIM BACK. I THOUGHT THAT WAS HILARIOUS. WHICH IS PROBABLY INSENSITIVE, BUT LIKE. IT’S MY MOM.) and then my mom and I went to get my hair cut and her’s colored. And then we stopped by Somerset where I ran into an old high school friend. It was really nice to see her – she’s lost a lot of weight and she looks wonderful and beautiful!

And now I’m going to go either watch another episode of Felicity or read. But probably just continue to think about that hug and surf my Tumblr dash.

Sunday Morning, Rain Is Falling

Today after work I gave in and bought my brother and me some chinese food from the place around the corner. I usually get spicy sesame chicken because it’s fucking delicious, but today I wanted to get something different, so I got the sweet and sour chicken. Clearly I forgot how non-spectacular their sweet and sour chicken is compared to their sesame chicken and I regret getting it. But oh well – massive amounts of Panda Express on Wednesday!

I also watched Brothers on Netflix tonight with Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire, and Jake Gyllenhaal. It was a pretty good movie. I was fully expecting the sexytimes to happen in this movie, but the most I got was a kiss between Jake and Natalie. Kinda disappointed, but overall, it was enjoyable and I would recommend it to others.

I’m kind of annoyed with Amazon right now because the other day they were like “Hey, you should sign up for Amazon Student!” and I was like fuck yeah bitch. I’ve tried to sign up like 30 times already, no joke, and they keep giving me this error: “Our apologies — an error occurred while processing your information. It’s not you, it’s us. Please try again by completing the form below.” It’s incredibly frustrating. ALL I WANT TO DO IS SIGN UP AND BUY SHIT. WHY IS THAT SO HARD.

Nail Polish and All-Around Half-Carat Diamond Rings.

I’ve had the add a new post window open for like an hour already and I still can’t figure out what exactly to write about, so I’m writing about my inability to come up with anything worthwhile.

I totally fell down in my Blowfish Vance booties today cause I stepped on a steep crack near my car. I scratched up my knee a bit, but otherwise I’m okay.

Last night I took my family out to eat chinese and we all stuffed ourselves. I’m not used to eating a lot [believe it or not] so a plate of food and then a plate of various desserty things that I only ate half of was way too much. I felt like I was going to explode.

We dropped by CVS after cause it’s right next door to the restaurant we went to, and I picked up 3 new Wet ‘N Wild fast dry nail polishes. I’m a happy camper – I got this beautiful sparkly orange, a nice, rich vibrant blue, and some mixed glitter clear polish that is more like a top coat, in my opinion. I’ve got the orange on my nails right now, and it looks like sprinkled diamonds. I love it.

Also, Women’s Wear Daily posted this Badgley Mishka wedding dress on Facebook, and I wanted to share it because I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. Simply, chic, but stunning.

And speaking of wedding dresses, today at work, I had nothing to do so I was looking at Verragio engagement and wedding rings and they have some really intense designs. Like really intricate. They kind of reminds me of like…terrace fences. You know? This also led me to look at De Beers engagement and wedding rings and they have some really expensive stuff. I particularly enjoy the $50,000 all-around half carat diamonds ring. As in, a bunch of giant half-carat diamonds all the way around. Definitely my favorite.