About That Time I Was Shopping 3 Feet Away from Steve Kardynal

Things I’m glad I did today:

1. Go shopping with my mom to my place of work despite not wanting to see the place on my day off.


I’ll fucking tell you why.


If you don’t know who Steve Kardynal is, let me give you the lowdown:

He’s a YouTube artist from the Metro Detroit Area who is most famous for this “Songs in Real Life” video series and the fake girl in bikini ChatRoulette videos. He’s a genuinely funny guy with fabulous facial hair. And I highly recommend you go subscribe to his channel asap. You won’t regret it, I promise.

Anyway, I was tra la la la shopping and I looked up for some reason and THERE HE WAS. And then I looked down but then I involuntarily looked up really quickly – quickly enough that it was obvious for him, his friend, and my mom to all realize that a normal person doesn’t snap their head back that quickly. I’m pretty positive he realized I knew who he was. And then I felt kinda bad cause I was like shit, he’s gonna think I’m about to ambush him for an autograph or be like OMFG YOU’RE STEVE KARDYNAL!!!

I didn’t say anything to him the entire time we were there and he was within touching/talking/seeing distance because no matter how much bragging rights I could have to a picture or an autograph or some shit, I first and foremost became too starstruck to say anything. But secondly, I decided it was nicer of me to pretend like I didn’t know who he was and bother him while he was trying to shop like a normal human being.

There was a point probably 10 or 15 minutes after the initial encounter that I was looking at size small t-shirts and I saw him out of the corner of my eye heading directly towards me and I was like OMG HE’S GOING TO SAY SOMETHING. And I looked up and he looked at me, but then he went down the aisle next to me.


And that’s the most exciting thing to have happened to me since I acquired a certain phone number last week.

I also, however, found a 4-5 month old adoptable kitty at Petco named Tinkerbell who I have absolutely fallen in love with. I held her for a good 10 minutes and she was completely 100% calm and relaxed my arms. When the volunteer chick wanted to put her back, she didn’t want to leave my arms. I was like OMFG STAHP.

Broke my heart to give her back. She’s adorable and fluffy and SO FULL OF LOVE and I WANT HER.

Cats & LEDs

You guys.

I found an even cuter cat last night after I posted yesterday’s cute cat of the day.


I can’t even handle the cuteness. It’s bubbling up inside me every time I stare at its  paws and its face and UGH. CAN I HAVE IT PLEASE.

Also, today I went up to the school to make LED accessories with HNI! (whoaaa haven’t seen that acronym on here in forever!) Turned out super cute. I’m gonna end up wearing an LED bra soon, just way. Can you imagine? LED bra and panties set. HOT. If I was a stripper, I’d rock that err night!




Can I Be a Cat?

You guys.

I found this cat on my Tumblr dash. I WANT IT. PLZZZ.

If I was a cat, I’d want to look like that. Can you imagine? Shit. I’d be the coolest fucking cat you’d ever meet. I’d puff my fluff with pride. I’d strut around like “YEAH, I KNOW I’M ADORABLE. PET ME BITCH.”

Expensive Parrots Part II

So I went to the other Petco tonight after school because I know they have a better betta selection.

And they did. I ended up buying this guy, who I named Aeon Flux due to his coloration. He’s a double tail male and he reminds me of Lavender, who had similar coloration, but less see-through.

This Petco also had birds: lots of parakeets, and one Sun Conure parrot named Leaper (awful name, IMO) that was not as energetic or happy to see me as the two green guys at the Petco across the street. Leaper was also much more expensive ($599 originally, but he was 25% off and $449).

Anyway, I’m going to try to convince my parents to let me have a conure. But I have to have a Victorian style cage if I ever actually get a bird. Because I don’t believe in any other cages. The standard square ones that are popular nowadays are ugly. Any bird of mine deserves a gorgeous cage. Like this one.

Lastly, Tara and Kruiser the fluffy cats were still there for adoption and it literally made my heart ache seeing them sleeping and knowing how much trouble I would get in if I brought one (OR BOTH, AS I WANT TO) home. On my way home I decided if I ever have children, I will never deprive them of the joys of touchable pets.

Ginger Ginny GinGin

If you don’t know what it’s like to live in a house where you’re not allowed to have touchable pets, let me enlighten you: IT SUCKS.

Today while I was out and about, I stopped by Petco with half of an intention to get another betta fish (because that’s all I’m allowed to have) and since it’s the weekend, all the pet stores always have the HEY LOOK AT THE PRETTY DOGS/CATS YOU CAN ADOPT EVENT! and I was like yeah, alright, I’ll look.

I found THIS gorgeous domestic longhair named Tara (that I would possibly rename Ginger and probably call her Gin/Ginny/GinGin/Gingy/Ginnywinnie/Gugu/etc in baby voices) and literally stood there trying not to cry because I desperately wanted to adopt her but I knew that if I did my parents would kill me.

Look at her though. She’s beautiful. The dogs were by the fish and there was one or two that were crying and I couldn’t stand to look at them cause I was starting to tear up. Not just cause I can’t have any of them, but also because they’re in cramped cages. *Sigh*

One day I will not live in this house and I will have touchable pets and they will be my babies and they will be the most goddamn loved animals on the face of this planet.