Captain Morgan Freeman Rum.

I almost kind of regret not working on my pattern techniques jacket since Friday, but there’s not much I can do by myself without totally winging it and probably having to take it apart to redo tomorrow. So I will push it out of my mind until morning, in class. I’m pretty sure I’m going to cry from stress over it in the next 2 days.

Mini Boss and I decided that I’m going to do an early presentation tomorrow in class since I’ve finished my board. I think this means I don’t have to dress up extra nice on Thursday, which is kind of a relief in a way. But it means I have to dress up tomorrow. I should check the weather. OH! Apparently it’s supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow! Excellent! I could probably even wear my trench coat. And the snow is going to all melt. Oh I’m loving this ridiculous winter we’re having.

Anyway, I’m going to leave you all tonight with this fantastic picture of Captain Morgan….Freeman rum I found on Tumblr. <3