Ann Arbor Adventures.

While today has a been very gloomy and extremely rainy in terms of weather, I had a lot of fun accompanying my friend to the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor. We dropped by her apartment and then picked up her check, and afterwards went out to eat at Olive Garden (I got fettucine alfredo, it was delish.)

After Olive Garden, we dropped by – get this – WORLD MARKET!! I was super excited to see there were any left, since the World Market nearest to where I live was closed down a few years ago. I bought 2 marzipan logs, dark chocolate off-brand Nutella, Salsitas for my mom because she loves them and rarely finds them, orange-honey soap which is not making my long-sleeve shirts box smell amazing, and a necklace that was on clearance with pretty light green beads and a portrait of an Indian god hanging from it. I wish I could remember which god it is.

We also stopped by Briarwood Mall, which I’ve never been to before. It was pretty cool. We didn’t stop in any stores – I had to pee and then we got Cinnabon – but they have a Pinkberry┬áin the center of the mall and I was going to get some, but we had to book it to beat rush hour. It’s the only Pinkberry in Michigan!

Nonetheless, I had a blast taking pictures of Ann Arbor and catching up.