Oh, Felicity.

Yesterday and today have been (surprisingly) productive days. I’m actually really proud of myself and somewhat wonder why it’s so hard for me to focus on school work so intently when it’s not finals or midterms. But of course, the answer is “it’s not finals or midterms.”

Anyway, I finished my design board for fashion design class and it looks fabulous! I also finished my paper for cultural diversity class with the helpful input of my best friend who threw a different perspective on it. (And that is why it’s good to ask for help.) So to reward myself, I watched 4 episodes of Felicity today. The first 3 were after the design board because I needed a break to recooperate and organize my thoughts in preparation for the paper. The 4th was afterwards – followed by the first episode of Blue Mountain State because I only had half an hour before An Idiot Abroad: The Bucket List.

But back to Felicity – last night I watched an episode as well and it was super ironic because it was the Halloween episode where Felicity goes as the bride of Frankenstein. Anyway, there’s this scene where Felicity’s drunk off her rocker and she catches Ben mackin’ all over this blonde bitch who is QUITE IRONICALLY dressed as the fucking PINK POWER RANGER. I was loling off the couch at that point. ¬†Also, in the last episode I watched, we finally met Noel’s girlfriend, Hanna. Who happens to be played by JENNIFER GARNER. I was like =O oh amusement. But it gets better. Ben caught Felicity and Noel mackin’ all over each other in this episode and he was like O_O and walked out, unnoticed. This show is so good. I can’t believe I used to hate it. I’m a jerk hahaha.

This is the Thanksgiving episode where Ben catches Felicity and Noel kissing.

As I mentioned earlier, I also watched the first episode of Blue Mountain State. In comparison to Felicity, this how is definitely a 2000s show. And by that I mean, I could feel my brain cells popping watching it. However, it was quite hilarious and I did laugh out loud often enough that I’ll probably continue watching it. The best part was at the end of the episode when they had the cookie race hazing consisting of running across the football field in only a jockstrap and an oreo between their buttcheeks, and Thad, the douchebag quarterback participated because the couches were in the stands and one of them asks “Why is Thad doing this?” and the other one goes “Dedication.” I died.