Let Me Explain the Christmas Pickle

Day 23.

Today I’m grateful that there’s only a handful of days left in this challenge because sometimes it’s really time consuming to come up with a good/sufficient enough thing to be grateful for.

And that makes me sound kind of ungrateful, but I don’t care.

Anyway, so last night my mom and I went for the 2nd consecutive year in a row, Black Friday shopping at Great Lakes Crossing Outlet Mall and it was fantastic. We literally shopped for 9 hours straight (from 9 PM Thanksgiving night to 6 AM today) and were almost going to go to Bass Pro Shop at 6 when they opened, but I didn’t have the patience for Forever 21 after 9 hours of walking around, so we trotted to our car and went home, exhausted but happy.

My MONEY SAVING DEAL OF THE DAY was an $8 white eyelet dress I got from Tommy Hilfiger, originally priced at $80, I believe.

My THIS SHIT IS AWESOME AND POINTLESS BUT IT’S CHEAP SO I’LL GET IT DEAL OF THE DAY was 2 matching headbands (got one for Alyza too) with a curved wire sticking out the middle and plastic mistletoe hanging from the end of it that I will wear the shit out of come Christmas/New Year’s time, for $5.99 at Kirkland’s. They were actually not on any kind of special sale, but I thought they were the absolute cutest holiday headbands ever, so I couldn’t NOT buy them.

My THIS IS CUTE AND ONLY $1.00 DEAL OF THE DAY was those cute jelly glass/mirror sticky things you put on your windows from Target. I plan on moving mine from my mirror to my car windows.

Yiss. This is an Instagram pic.

Also, before the mall opened, we got there about 10 minutes early and there were TWO LINES of people lined up for the MALL ENTRANCE and my mom and I just kind of hopped up and stood sort of near them, but at the front. I was really tempted to just cut across and go stand as close to the door as I could, but it’s a good thing I didn’t because as more people showed up, they all crowded with us in the middle, not bothering with “lining up”, and this black lady suddenly got a little verbally hostile and said that “people BETTA NOT THINK THEY CUTTIN’ IN FRONT CAUSE I BEEN STANDIN’ HERE FOR A HOUR” and the group of girls behind us were like “Well, we have to pee! We want to be close to the entrance!” and this white lady behind the black lady mockingly said she had to pee too and then I was standing there like oh my god is there about to be a fight?

There was a no fight. HOWEVER, I would like to preface this by saying that I think lining up for the mall entrance is the dumbest fucking idea I’ve ever heard because it’s not like it’s Best Buy – we’re all going to different stores, what’s the point of lining up? There is no reason. Wanna know why? Because at 8:57 PM, the THE LINES DISBANDED and EVERYONE ENDED UP CONGLOMERATING IN ONE BIG CROWD JUST LIKE IT WOULD’VE HAPPENED NO MATTER HOW THE STRUCTURE OF BODIES HAD BEEN SET UP. Wanna know why? Because people are fucking crazy, and quadruple fucking crazy on Black Friday.

So anyway, we came home, I slept until like 1:30, then I got up and went shopping with Krista for 3 hours, acquired more shit, came home, showered and lounged around, and then went shopping again with my mom and I FINALLY BOUGHT A MOTHERFUCKING CHRISTMAS PICKLE from Pier 1 Imports for $3.95.


If you don’t know what a Christmas pickle is, LET ME ENLIGHTEN YOU:

Christmas trees first became a thing in Germany in the 18th century, though there has been evidence of decorated trees before then. It’s an old tradition that the last ornament to go on the Christmas tree is a glass pickle. On Christmas morning, the first person (or kid, specifically, as some versions of the story like to say) to find the pickle on Christmas morning is said to have a year of good fortune.

I plan on subjecting my friends to this tradition at our End of the World Christmas Crafting Extravaganza Party. 

Black Friday Adventures!

So mom and I headed out to Great Lakes Crossing Outlets last night around 8 so we could be there when it opened at 9. Yup, us and several thousand other people swarmed the place. It was ridiculous getting in – we were in the front of the crowd, so it wasn’t as scary, but the force of a few hundred people pushing you through a 1 double-door opening [because they hadn’t opened the other doors for some reason] is slightly terrifying. I thought I might be one of those people who gets trampled to death.

We decided to hit up the Victoria’s Secret Outlet first because I just knew that it would be really crowded in there, and it’s a good thing we did because there was a LINE with a security guard handing out totes and only allowing a certain amount of people in at a time. Whenever one person left, he let one person in. I am unashamed to say I bought more underwear for my already overfilled underwear box [and for Alyza for Christmas, ssshhh!], as well as – get this – TWO BRAS FOR $6.00 EACH. 

When the girl at check out asked me if they were both D’s, I asked if that made a difference in price, and she said yes, they’re $6.00. And I said $6.00? And she said, yes, $6.00 and I said you said $6.00, not $16.00, right? And she said yes, $6.00. I about died. That was the best part of my night – followed closely by this couple who  were at checkout for at least half an hour because they bought literally 12 bags, maybe more, of merch. I can’t even make this shit up. I took a picture of the pile they had going early on.

We hit up Gap Outlet afterwards because it was across the hall, and I got some nice knit work-type legging/pants and underwear for my brother for Christmas. Then we went to the Nike store and I almost bought this pair of shorts but I didn’t feel like standing in line for them – even though I ended up waiting in line with my mom cause she got herself some shirts and shoes. It was great in there though – they had a DJ blasting music and all I wanted to do was break it down.

We ate “fourth meal” around 1:30 AM or so – Panda Express! I was really disappointed that they didn’t have SweetFire chicken. The lady gave me orange chicken instead. I hate orange chicken. But it’s okay, because I had the Treasure Shrimp and the noodles were pretty delicious.

Finally, we stopped by Forever21 and my mom bought me my belated birthday present – this really pretty and simple black princess cut top and cream with semi-colorful leopard print dress, as well as this art nouveau style lightweight cardigan thing. It’s not really a cardigan though because it’s woven, not knit. It’s like an over…thing. Makes me look a bit old, but styled the right way, it’s gonna look fabulous. I bought myself some earrings, nail polish, and two necklaces that are apparently made for infant necks because they choke me. I have to extend them. Good thing I have supplies and tools to do that.

We went home after finding out that Bass Pro Shop didn’t open until 6 AM. I was pretty bummed about that. I wanted to get my dad a giftcard for Christmas from there because he loves fishing. And I also wanted to explore the store because it’s fun in there. It’s HUGE. On our drive out of the parking lot, I noticed there were cars parked on the grass. On the grass, people! Not enough parking spaces apparently – and Great Lakes Crossing is MASSIVE. O_O