April Fool’s Eve.

Cheers to another boring day. I spent about 3 hours on Skype with my best friend today. We, or rather I, beat my head looking for our small black carry-on luggage (because I had another ‘nightmare’ last night about packing an hour before my flight was supposed to take off) only to find out that my grandma took it back to Romania with her last year. So I really do need to buy a new carry-on. Although I’m trying to find a bag that isn’t as small as a small carry-on and not as big as a mid-sized bag.

I also watched Religulous on Netflix, which was a fantastic documentary that Bill Maher did in 2008. It really brought to light just how vast the Christian faith stretches across America, as well as how incredibly fucking brain-washed people are. Along with other religions too. I’m not going to begin to explain the entirety of this movie, so I’ll just highly encourage you all to see it for yourselves. I personally thought it was bloody brilliant and it made me want to be Bill Maher’s bff.

And then I went to Target. Not because I needed anything, but because it’s conveniently right by my house and I was extremely bored. I ended up buying hair dye because I remembered while I was trying on dresses that I actually do need that desperately, and I found these cute orange ombre “dipping bowls.” They’re more like ice cream bowls in my opinion. I ended up buying those too with the thought of my mom yelling at me for buying more bowls. I don’t know what it is about them, but I have a sort of subconscious attraction or obsession with bowls. I think they’re cute. We have entirely too many in our house because of me. Oops?

I’ve spent the last two and a half hours (I totally did Zumba inbetween episodes)  indulging myself in Felicity. Started watching season 4 finally! At the end of episode one, FELICITY AND NOEL FINALLY HAD SEX. I was like =O FUCKING FINALLY! I THOUGHT THAT WAS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. But of course, now she’s facing the repercussions because she was still with Ben when she decided it would be a good idea to have carnal knowledge of Noel’s willy. Anyway, SPOILER ALERT DON’T READ FURTHER IF YOU DON’T WANNA KNOW MORE, but after episode two, I read the descriptions for the remaining episodes and found out Elena dies in a car crash. WHAT THE FUCK. I mean, I ruined the whole series for myself by finding out what happens in the very last episode when I read descriptions back in season 1, but damn J.J. Abrams and Matt Reeves, way to kill off err’body!