Forever Red

For some reason I’m super tired tonight. It probably really has to do with going to the gym, showering, and shopping. Which doesn’t sounds like a lot, but trust me, sometimes simple things take the life out of you.

Anyway, one of the places I stopped was Bath and Body Works cause they’re still having a blowout sale of all their older stuff and I really wanted to buy some bottles of their Fresh Picked Strawberries hand sanitizer. So I did. Cause they were only $2.50 each.

Relatedly, I’m still enjoying the Forever Red sample perfume I got in my Influenster Cosmo Vox Box last month. It’s got a nice sweet scent, but it’s not overpoweringly warm. I’m very iffy about vanilla/super sweet smells, but this perfume isn’t heavy.

After Christmas Shopping

Day 26: Grateful

Today I’m grateful that despite it taking me over an hour to get home from Somerset, I made it through a snowstorm with my mom’s shitty windshield and windwipers helping absolutely 0% with visibility.

Literally what I was seeing even when the wipers going.

On the bright side though, I did snatch some decent deals at the mall today.

I bought:

– a cocktail dress from American Eagle
– a ceramic bowl, glass teacup, and sky blue eurosham from Anthropologie
– 3 diamond shaped ornaments and Belgian Linen hand cream from Restoration Hardware
– 3 sherpa fleece sheep ornaments, lemon lotion, 5 mini hand santizers, 1 mini sanitizer holder from Bath & Body Works
– 2 workout tanktops from Gap

I also asked at Anthro about internships and they gave me an application to fill out.  Hopefully this road winds the right way. FINGERS CROSSED!

Bless Your Soul, You Got Your Head in the Clouds

Today has been a mini little rollercoaster of a day. I found out that I might be getting kicked off the family cell phone plan whenever we’re getting new phones this year. I guess I should be saying hello to adulthood or something. Pretty sure I’m gonna be moving to Sprint or Virgin if this happens. I love Verizon, but I’m not paying their ridiculous monthly rates for what I want/need.

Anyway, I don’t remember if I mentioned that the night we came back from New York City, I showered before bed and I fell in the bathtub. If I didn’t, well, it happened. And I have the biggest, ugliest bruise to show for it on my left thigh. It looks like I got violently beaten and it hurts. A lot. But I almost kind of like it in a weird sadistic way. It’s the size of Australia and it’s purple, blue, and maybe a little black? Gross, I know. But also awesome.

You know what else is awesome? Shopping. Today my mom and I went to Somerset cause I wanted to get the Royal Apothic Rollerball Rosewood perfume from Anthropologie. I got it, plus one of the most divine smelling candles ever – Illume Boulangerie Jar in Coconut Macaroon. It was that or the Whipped Cream and Pears. Or Angel Food. They all smelled AMAZING. I might go back and get the Whipped Cream and Pears one eventually. I also I bought mini candles from Bath and Body Works (today was their first day reopening the Somerset branch; renovation) cause they were 2 for $5 and they had some pretty neat scents.

And then I went shopping by myself later in the day cause I wanted to get my free underwear before my coupons expired at Victoria’s Secret. Speaking of which, the amount of underwear I’ve acquired in the past month should be outlawed. Seriously. I’m almost ashamed. Except it’s underwear, and I will forever think you can never have enough. Even when your giant Ikea box overflows…But anyway, I also stopped by Forever 21 and found this atrocious plus size dress that was in clearance for $8 and almost bought it except that I found a different $8 dress that wasn’t atrocious. Score?

And then there’s Meijer. I needed some essentials, but ended up finding other stuff, like Indian dinners! If living with Maria and Dan for a week did anything, it was spiking my interest in Indian food. They eat a lot of Arabic/Indian/that-part-of-the-world cuisine and I liked it. So I bought a few heat-and-eat Indian dinners from Meijer. They’re also conveniently low-pointed on Weight Watchers. Double fuck yeah! AND, Meijer was having 2 for $4.00 on Neuro drinks, so I got 2 more Sleeps. And when I came home, I discovered I had not one but 2 other Sleeps in the cupboard. Eight days of amazing sleep coming up, when I need it.

And finally, for the last time this month, Day 30: List 10 things you would hope to be remembered for.
1. Contributions to fashion/art/photography.
2. Speeches.
3. Writing/poetry.
4. Philanthropy.
5. Being a good friend.
6. Weird and strange awesomeness.
7. My phenomenal taste in music.
8. Cooking/baking superpowers.
9. Synesthesia.
10. My hair. Vain? Maybe.

P.S. Title = Rumor Has It – Adele

Day After Christmas Shopping!

Do you ever get really excited by shopping and finding awesome stuff at really low prices? Because lemme tell you guys, that’s one of the highlights of my life. My mom and I stopped by Somerset Collection today so I could return Grove and get Tocca: Florence from Anthropologie and exchanged Dirty at Lush, and after shopping around, we stopped by Old Navy where I bought 3 shirts for $11.06. Uh, can I get a high five?

I almost bought this great skirt I found at Madewell. It was on sale for $59.99 with an extra 30% off, so it would’ve been about $44. It was this nudey pink-peach color and it was knife pleated and it made me look like a towering statue. I’m sort of regretting not getting it and I might go back for it. On their site, it’s $109… Actually, here it is: Worth it?

Also, I bought 2 more small candles from Bath & Body Works because they were on sale for $4.75 (the big ones are $9.75). I decided not to burn either one of them tonight, but I got Marshmallow Peppermint and Homemade Cookies. They both smell divine in their current solid state.

To top the day off, I also ate chinese food! An excellent day after Christmas, if I say so myself.

Saturday Christmas Shopping Adventures with MommaBear.

My feet hurt from all the shopping I did today. My mom and I headed out to The Somerset Collection earlier today and shopped for like 6 hours there. I got this really awesome sailor style blazer from Banana Republic. It had 2 buttons missing and some stains on the back, so I managed to snag 20% off its already clearance price of $44.97. I got it for $38 something. Totally proud of myself. We also stopped by Lush and I got some Daddy-O shampoo and Dirty cologne for my dad. And I got a free sample of R&B conditioner. All the girls working there told me I’m going to absolutely love R&B, so I’ll have to try it out and see if I want to get it when I go back on Tuesday.

We stopped by Restoration Hardware and I bought the most fantastic perfume ever. It’s called Belgian Linen and it’s technically a “home scent” which means it’s supposed to be sprayed in the house, but it legit looks like a real perfume and smells great. It actually smells like an Orthodox Church when the pope comes around and jingles that incense stuff all over the place. That’s actually one of the reasons why I bought it. It reminds me of going to church. And it’s also not a sickening smell – I can stand it for long periods of time!

We also stopped by Bath & Body Works and I ended up buying 2 small ‘Tis The Season candles because they smell absolutely divine. I almost bought one of the cranberry scents and then this marshmallow something candle, but I decided to just get 2 of ‘Tis The Season because it’s just so damn good. Afterwards, we ate some chinese food (satisfied my craving!) and headed down to Target/Michael’s/Joann’s/Big Lots.

I found this great terra cotta colored cardigan at Target on clearance for $10. I almost didn’t buy it, but then I convinced myself that it’s totally worth it and bought some seasonal Hershey’s kisses as well. Which reminds me that I need to go try them out.

I was about to say I don’t have anything else to add, but I remembered that when my mom and I were going down an escalator at Somerset, this douchebag high school kid was behind us and I heard him say “watch this” and then he got on the escalator backwards and bumped into my mom rather forcefully. I was about to smack. a. hoe. And he had the nerve to NOT apologize. If I was a more outgoing person, I would have made a scandal. But for whatever reason, in situations like that, I literally turn on my horse blinders and tend not to be able to look at people in the face. It’s quite unnerving. Moral of the story: DON’T RAISE YOUR KIDS TO BE FUCKSHITS WHO DON’T KNOW HOW TO FUCKING APOLOGIZE FOR THEIR UNRULY BEHAVIOUR. OR I WILL PERSONALLY SMACK BOTH OF YOU.¬†