Ginger Ginny GinGin

If you don’t know what it’s like to live in a house where you’re not allowed to have touchable pets, let me enlighten you: IT SUCKS.

Today while I was out and about, I stopped by Petco with half of an intention to get another betta fish (because that’s all I’m allowed to have) and since it’s the weekend, all the pet stores always have the HEY LOOK AT THE PRETTY DOGS/CATS YOU CAN ADOPT EVENT! and I was like yeah, alright, I’ll look.

I found THIS gorgeous domestic longhair named Tara (that I would possibly rename Ginger and probably call her Gin/Ginny/GinGin/Gingy/Ginnywinnie/Gugu/etc in baby voices) and literally stood there trying not to cry because I desperately wanted to adopt her but I knew that if I did my parents would kill me.

Look at her though. She’s beautiful. The dogs were by the fish and there was one or two that were crying and I couldn’t stand to look at them cause I was starting to tear up. Not just cause I can’t have any of them, but also because they’re in cramped cages. *Sigh*

One day I will not live in this house and I will have touchable pets and they will be my babies and they will be the most goddamn loved animals on the face of this planet.


I just want you all to know that I think everyone should wear a headband like this once in their life:

But anyway, my best friend was sending me videos of cats meowing because apparently she plays them for her cat and it escalated into videos of bunnies and then into a videos of Samoyed dogs. And it has been settled: I need a Samoyed in my life. They are absolutely GORGEOUS. They’re big white dogs with really friendly faces and very full coats. I’m in love. I wish I could have touchable pets *sigh*.

That’s all I got for tonight. I’ve been sitting here for like an hour trying to think of something else worth saying and I came up with a grand total of just explaining my lack of topics. Good night!

Yates Cider Mill Extravaganza.

Today seems like it’s been a pretty long day. Not only did I sew on the first part of my bias seams onto my couture dress by hand for about 2 hours, but my mom and I also went to Yates Cider Mill in Rochester and bought apples, cider, fudge, pie, doughnuts, and “pumpkin butter” and “apple cherry butter” which are both exceptionally delicious jam things. I especially like the pumpkin one. We also drank hot cider while we were there and it was delicious. Until this this idiot kid knocked both of ours down while¬†we were on one of the planks by the river.

We also walked down their endless abyss forest walkway as I like to call it, and I took a good amount of nature pics. I am quite proud. They turned out really nicely. I also took a few pictures of the goat and sheep pen they had. There were some really adorable baby goats, but none of them would stay still long enough to take a good enough photo. I petted a black goat a few times.

Afterwards, we stopped by Famous Footwear and Old Navy. At FF, I found this nice pair of boots by Kenneth Cole Reaction – they were very comfortable, but they wouldn’t zip up all the way on my calf which was very disappointing. I can add that to my list as another motivational reason to lose weight. At Old Navy, I bought myself 2 pairs of fall/winter flannel pajama pants, 2 long sleeve t-shirts, and one short-sleeve t-shirt that my mom is convinced is a sleep tee, but I think it can be either/or.

I swear, I should be paid to shop.