Rise of the Planet of the Apes (SPOILERS)

Today I am sad.

Not full on depressed sad, really. Just kinda blah. I took a chance. It didn’t turn out how I wanted it to. I let it affect me more than I should, as usual, and am therefore suffering the dumpy feelings that I allow myself to feel. However, unlike other times, I can feel that I am not as sad as I normally would be, but rather, as my state of mind is in a more positive place, I am at around Cloud 4.

That being said, I just finished watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes and I LOVED IT. Inducted it into my Hall of Favorites.

It was one of those movies that really played with my emotions and I constantly felt a strong emotional pull toward the main character, Caesar, the ape that James Franco’s character, Will, saved after Caesar’s mother was killed because she went (pun-intended) apeshit during ALZ-112 trials.

I loved the subtle storyline about how the human race eventually dies out due to the 113 trials causing a virus only in humans that spreads exponentially. Will’s boss, Jacobs, is relentless in testing the 113 trials because they’re showing such great results, but neglects to follow Will’s advice about containing it.

Consequently, Will’s ape handler, Robert, gets infected from exposure to the 113 fumes, develops the virus, and accidentally passes it on to Will’s neighbor, who is a flight attendant, by sneezing blood on him. At the very end of the movie, we see Will’s neighbor walking through an airport and right before everything goes black, one drop of blood drops on the floor, and cut scene, a curved line touches down in London and spreads exponentially, all over the world.

Thus, the human race is wiped out and we go back to the original 1968 movie starring Charlton Heston, knowing how the obliteration began. I suppose I should also mention the most crucial part of the movie, involving Caesar. He was explaining to a fellow chimp via sign language that as a whole, chimps are strong, but as one, they are weak. His friend said they are stupid. So Caesar goes to Will’s house, steals two vials of 113, and releases them into the chimp encampment.

The next morning, the chimps intelligence is increased and they stage a coup. Then the big action scene happens la la la la la and they escape into the Redwood Forest. Will catches up with them and tells Caesar he wants him to come home and that he can protect him, and Caesar hugs him and speaks “Caesar is home.” because the dosage of 113 also affected him to the point of being able to speak. Or at least say “No” and “Caesar is home.”

Also, the CGI graphics for Caesar’s face were fantastic. I really don’t like monkeys/chimps/gorillas or other closely related mammals to the human species because they freak me out, but Caesar was attractive.

During my short Googlings about this movie, I found out a sequel to this prequel is coming out next year, called Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It’s going to tell the story of how a group of scientists struggle to stay alive in the aftermath of the 113 virus plague and how to Caesar attempts to maintain his dominance over his intelligent chimp tribe.