These Guys Are Sizzling Hot

Day 11: 10 favorite actors

1. Jonathon Rhys Meyers. That. Man. I remember falling in love with him when I watched Bend It Like Beckham for the first time with his sweet ass accent. And then I died and went to heaven when I watched him in the The Tudors.

2. Henry Cavill. I love me them Tudors actors. I held a special little place for Henry Cavill right from the very first episode. He is a sexy, sexy man. I might even go and see Superman in theaters…

3. Leonardo DiCaprio. I mean, obviously. How many times have I mentioned him already? He’s SUCH A GOOD ACTOR. I just can’t get over how damn good he was in Blood Diamond. And I really wish him and Kate Winslet would’ve gotten married in real life. Also, The Man in the Iron Mask is one of my favorite movies from when he was younger.

4. Tom Hulce. Here’s the thing about Tom Hulce. After playing Mozart in Amadeus, he’s never played any other big recognizable role. But he portrayed Mozart so beautifully and so well that he will always be one of my favorite actors because that movie is so good. Although, he totally played Frankenstein’s best friend alongside Kenneth Branagh in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. THE MORE YOU KNOW.

5. Heath Ledger. I know he’s dead and all, and honestly it’s quite a shame because I think he was just peeking into major stardom. But I love him. I’ll always love him. He was phenomenal as the joker, but also did an amazing job in Brokeback Mountain, Casanova, and A Knight’s Tale to name a few.

6. Brad Pitt. Alright, I’ll admit it. I think Brad Pitt is a good actor. I finally watched Fight Club this past April when I was in Philly and I actually really liked it. I think he’s a highly dynamic actor. I love him in Troy and I beyond love him in Inglourious Basterds. The man knows how to act.

7. Paul Bettany. I used to have the biggest lady boner for this man. I first saw him in The Da Vinci Code as Silas, and then watched A Knight’s Tale and I must say he is also a very dynamic actor. Not to mention, he’s kind of gorgeous.

8. Ralph Fiennes. I’ve mentioned before that I find actors who play Nazis to be really hot. Ralph Fiennes was my first “crush” in that category. I’ve always really liked him and I appreciate this ability to morph into different kinds of characters. He is damn good at those negative roles – I mean, Voldemort.

9. Johnny Depp. I feel like this is an obvious one, but Johnny Depp is such a dynamic actor that I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t have him on their list. My favorite role of his will always be Captain Jack Sparrow. No one else could ever play that role as well as him.

10. Patrick Stewart. I don’t like any other Star Trek series aside from The Next Generation and I don’t think any other starship captain was better than Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard (except for maybe that lady captain). Also, Patrick Stewart is an amazing Shakespearian actor. A-mazing.

11. BONUS! Kenneth Branagh. When I found out Kenneth Branagh was both Gilderoy Lockhart in HP&Chamber of Secrets and Iago in Othello, my mind exploded. And then I watched him in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and I was like oh my god. Seriously you guys, this man is such an amazing and dynamic actor and he is also an excellent Shakespearian actor. He’s played in like ALL the Shakespeare plays pretty much.

Extra Eye Candy:

Eddie Redmayne

Wentworth Miller is pretty much the hottest prison inmate ever.

James Mcavoy is a SEXY BEAST (literally!) in Narnia.

Jake Gyllenhaal for far more reasons than his obvious sex appeal.

Okay, I’m done….for now.