Today was a wonderful, well-deserved indulge-in-food, and forget about time kind of day. After class was over, my mom and I picked up my aunt and we headed to Yates Cider Mill, which is a local “famous” cider mill in the Metro Detroit area. They’re actually a registered historical site.

We bought a lot of stuff when we first got there, and I thought to myself, wow, that was quick and thought we were going to leave after. But then we spent a good hour walking down the trail next to the river they have there. My aunt picked nettles and I spent that time taking pictures of nature because Yates is a perfect place to find all kinds of great wild weeds and flowers and leaves and berries.

We bought fudge after that little excursion, and then fed the two goats that were in the goat pen and gave them water, after which they were totally pooped out and they chilled on the ground the rest of the time we were there.

I had hot cider while I was there even though it was 96 degrees outside. It was good for my cold.

We also stopped by a local farmer’s tent across the street and I bought a yellow watermelon and peaches cause they smelled a-mazingly. I just couldn’t leave them there. And then we had dinner at 2Booli and shopped at Nordstrom Rack after.

All in all, it was a really great day. My feet hurt sufficiently enough for me to know that I got good exercise today (and really dirty legs!) and that I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight.

P.S. My Justin Bieber singing toothbrush arrived in the mail today. But the batteries are dead. :(


This term is already shaping out to be grueling and insane, and it’s only week two. Just when everything’s going great, life’s gotta throw a load of shit at you. It’s how we learn and progress and whatever, but goddamnit, this is stressful.

I probably shouldn’t even be typing this post right now, but rather working on the 3-4 page paper about the Great Depression that’s due on Wednesday that I didn’t know about until my teacher reminded us about it. Blah. I have Senioritis, I don’t want do research papers. Like ever again.

On the bright side, I got a new planner today. I’m pretty sure I’m more excited about that than most people should ever be, but it’s cute and small and pre-organized for me until next June! I also picked up Suave Kids detangler spray because lately my hair has been getting too tangly after I shower and I don’t like it. And yes, I use Suave Kids detangler. AND shampoo. That shit smells so good…and it’s cheap and works well. Don’t judge.

Also, I’m pretty excited because I picked up some exciting (in my world) breakfast foods: oatmeal and fancy Kashi & Fiber One cereals. I usually eat bagels or traditional or boring cereal for breakfast, but one of my teachers suggested oatmeal today. So while I was at Meijer I picked up Apples & Cinnamon and Strawberries & Cream. I can’t wait to have some tomorrow morning – I haven’t had oatmeal in a few years.

Patties & Penney’s

2 things. 

1. Yesterday I bought “chicken” patties (not real chicken) from Meijer by Morning Star and I made myself a chicken patty sandwich today for lunch. IT WAS SO GOOD. I hadn’t had one since elementary school.

2. After reading articles in Women’s Wear Daily about JC Penney’s revamping, I actually went to the store today (not on purpose!) and discovered Sephora had finally opened up inside. And, more sections of the store were being transformed, along with several brand boutiques already debuted, including Levi’s and Arizona Jeans. I’m pretty excited still. It looks fresh and new and it makes me want to come shopping more.

I managed to snap a picture of Philosophy. 3-in-1’s at Sephora inside of JCP.

A Series of Stops and Starts

Sometimes I sit in front of my laptop for a few minutes trying to think of what to write about and ultimately end up writing about what I did that today. I just came out of a little trance like that in which my final thought was “life is a series of stops of and starts.

I can’t remember if I’ve written about this philosophy before, but it’s one that I’ve held for a long time. I most often think of it while I’m driving, because driving is the perfect example of it. I avoid taking the freeways, so I encounter stoplights and stop signs all the time. Driving is a series of stops and starts. In comparison, life is too.

We go from being wee little kids, starting and stopping years of school, knowing and unknowing friends, to continuing that cycle as we get older. As I’m coming up on my last year of college, I can hear the low screech of my education stopping, and the “real world” on the brink of starting. It’s going to be another chapter of discarding “friends” who were probably not really friends to begin with, to encountering and acquainting new friends. It’s like cutting strings and tying knots to new ones.

That’s just my two cents of wisdom for the day.

I went up to school to fix the atrocious saggy boob situation that was happening on our gray dress with Alyza. Now all I have to do is iron everything tomorrow. We had lunch with Alyza’s manfriend Ross at 2Booli afterwards and I had the most delicious dish I’ve tried there: Mjadara.

It’s a vegetarian dish consisting of lentils and rice topped with cooked onions (SO GOOD) and decorated with tomatoes, lemon wedges, and pickled turnip. Also served with a side of plain yogurt. It was really good. I have leftovers that I will be eating for dinner. I need to learn to cook this meal.

Scents of Summer

I don’t remember what part of today first set this off, but I have made it my mission to remember to focus on writing about smells today. Perhaps it was making some of the mulling spice tea from Sur La Table that jump-started me. I’d like to first mention that perhaps I didn’t put enough of it in my water, although I thought I did, but it was disappointingly bland. Secondly, it has anise in it and I love the smell of anise. It’s got a weird texture, like slate. And it always reminds me of the time in 9th grade when I made bought anise seeds so I could make anise seed cookies for my Spanish class. I have never made again, but I think I should sometime…

Today was a really gorgeous day in terms of weather. I made an impulse decision that I needed to get out of the house and exercise, so I did. I was hit by the scent of a breezy, cooler summer day. I felt confident and good about myself. On one of the streets I walked, I encountered a scent that will forever remind me of my friend Kris and the winter of 2010.

It’s a bit embarrassing now, but back then when I had a raging lady boner for him, I remember I told him he smelled really good a few times. One of those times, he told me it was just his soap. I can’t for the life of me remember what that soap was called but I think it may have had the words spring, arbor, or mist in it. Maybe all three? Anyway, over the last year and a half, I occasionally get a whiff of it and am transported back to those winter nights when I’d leave work at 7, the green scent of that damn soap clinging to my nostrils, with the biggest smile on my face because I felt happy. I remember he gave me a hoodie to embroider with the Assassin’s Creed logo and all I could do for weeks was just sniff it because it smelled so good.

Later, I had Indian for dinner with my mom. We had lemon rice and Jaipur vegetables. Every time I have Jaipur vegetables, I want to gag a little at the smell. It kind of smells like baby vomit, which is not enticing at all. However, it tastes SO DAMN GOOD. This usually reminds me of the period of time a little over a decade ago when we lived in the apartments – my parents would buy this really nasty smelling microwavable pasta salad. I can’t even describe the colors of it, but I remember it was a sharp smell and I would lock myself in my room and always be angry that they kept making it. It was terrible.

Lastly, tonight I watched the movie Exit Through the Gift Shop featuring Banksy and Thierry Guetta. It was a really good movie and I loved seeing behind the scenes stuff from Banksy. However, toward the end it really showcased how Thierry became Mr. Brainwash and how he operates his artwork business. He calls himself a street artist, and by no means do I mean to discredit that. If anything, I thought his perseverance and determination to make a movie about street art was amazing, not to mention the huge undertaking of his big showcase in LA. But when they showed how he runs his art business behind the scenes, I felt…I don’t know…a little annoyed? As my mom put it, it’s kind of like a fashion designer. He has all the ideas, but he has other people do the work.

Thierry did the artwork for Madonna’s Greatest Hits album cover.

He basically comes up with the ideas and has a staff of computer savvy people Photoshop the pieces into being and then puts his MBW (Mr. Brainwash) logo on them. It annoys me because I feel like, even though you’re conceptualizing the idea, it’s not exactly you’re work. But then, I kinda feel like a future-hypocrite because my life goal is to have other people do my work for me. As Roger Sterling would put it “I’m rich, why should I have to do the work?” Yet, when it comes to pure art, and I consider street art to of that nature, it just seems like…wrong, to do that. You know? Just my two cents.