Blogs I Follow

If you don’t know about PostSecret, we can’t be friends.

The Bloggess
Probably the most hilarious stuff I’ve ever read on the internet and the inspiration behind this blog. Bitch be crazy hilarious.

How About Orange?
A fantastic crafty/artsy/graphic designy blog.

All Romanians Are Vampires
I came across this while searching about the Bucegi Mountains and instantly fell in love. After all, us Romanians are all direct descendants of Dracula – didn’t you know? (We’re really not.)

Nerd Approved
I stumbled on this baby while searching for a picture of Irish Barbie. They are awesome.

Because it’s pretty. NSFW. 

The Daily Nail
I discovered this blog through MSN. She is amazing. That is all.

The Oatmeal
Because if you don’t follow The Oatmeal, you are lame.

This chick is fucking wicked.

Print & Pattern
An amazing collection of prints and patterns. Great resource.

The Golden Diamonds
Because even though I dislike her, the photography is nice.

So much pretty.

eat, little bird
A pretty fantastic food blog.

Playing with Books
Really awesome recycled paper blog.  


  1. Just read your review of dawn of the planet of the apes and totally agree with you! I saw it 4 times at the cinema. One of my favourite films ever!



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