Because Sex Sells

As an avid PostSecret fan and community member, I naturally gravitate toward similar projects. I’ve been playing around with the Whisper app on my phone for a few months now thanks to Alyza telling me about it. It’s basically the alternative to the once upon a time alive PostSecret app, which got killed because apparently Frank Warren wasn’t down for all the negativity that was happening on it.

Anyway, last night I posted a Whisper (secret) that was slightly sexual in nature. I’ve thought about divulging the exact contents of it, but that’s not entirely relevant. What is relevant, however, is the amount of attention I got from it. Within seconds of it going live, my inbox was flooded, and I mean flooded, with messages from men. About 80% of them were perverted in nature, begging to see and what not. The other 20% were more conversational and seemed rather concerned. Those were the ones I answered.

At any rate, I thought this was an interesting subject to talk about tonight. I’ve posted a nice handful of Whispers and none of them have ever gotten me any private messages, much less so many so quickly. I find it interesting that the minute I post one that’s even vaguely sexual, I’m still drowning in messages I can’t even get to because there’s 15 more coming in. I feel like this says something about our society. Maybe that we’re sexually deprived…or depraved.

I can’t deny that sex interests me. I deeply considered going into sexual therapy as my major in college while I was in high school. That said, I understand where these people were coming from, sending me these messages. Apparently it doesn’t take a lot to spark just a tiny bit of interest in people when it comes to sex. Truly. I’m genuinely still in awe.

Moral of the story? If you want attention, talk about sex. Because sex sells. Really.


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