Thoughts on the Meat Industry

Alright. Because I just discussed this somewhere else, let’s talk about it here for a second.

Earlier today, I was thinking about the current meat industry standards of how animals are housed before slaughter and it really baffles me that we allow these companies to house these poor animals in such tight and compressed spaces. It’s not like America is some small country with only so much space. We have vast unpopulated areas that could easy be converted into things like poultry farms and so on. Instead, we choose to allow the meat industry to continue to feed us with animals that are deformed and diseased due to their lack of a chance at a proper life, free roaming and grazing.

Like I said, it’s not like America is some small country. We have so much unused land. I’m pretty sure we could afford to not have chickens cooped up in awful darkened sheds with no room to move around or spread their wings, resulting in stunted leg growth and overgrown hormone injected breasts. It is truly cruel, disgusting, and obscene the things that we do to these poor creatures so that we can gorge ourselves on Kentucky Fried Chicken.


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