If the Government Gets to be Pussies…

I just made my first loan payment out of my own account and it’s making my bank account and my internal soul weep. $346, right when I need to save the most. If the government gets to be pussies and shut down, I feel like I should be forgiven of my student loan debt.

I mean, the whole way higher education is set up is fucked up. It penalizes those of who decide to better themselves by charging asinine amounts of money for classes that are often not taught well, and so on. I know I personally felt like my money was being wasted in several classes throughout college. I mean don’t get me wrong, college is voluntary and I chose to participate. However, I can’t help but feel it’s such a scam sometimes. I’m not saying it’s not worth it – I wouldn’t have learned the times I did without it. But the whole idea of it costing thousands of dollars that I won’t be able to pay back any time soon just blows my mind.

It’s all about money. Everything is about money in this country.

A fond memory I have from college is when the institution took note of the loopholes involving buying books and decided tie them off. Once upon a time, I could rent or buy excessively overpriced books for pennies on the dollar and get a fat stipend. Then the corporation was like no no no! While they marketed it as bundling it in with the rest of your tuition and now you won’t have to worry about paying for books, the truth of the matter was they tied off the loophole. It doesn’t matter whether you decide not to get the book from the school or get it from somewhere else because you’re going to be paying for it anyway. In fact, it’d be stupid to get it from somewhere else because you’d be paying extra.  The best part of all of this was that I was part of student council. When the president told us this, she looked like a fucking crocodile sugarcoating everything to make it sound good and appealing.

Money. I’m telling you, it’s the root of all evil. I loathe that I am a prisoner of it.



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