Day 3: Demetrios Brides

My bruises are becoming more prominent today. If you didn’t know I was in an accident, you really wouldn’t be able to tell by them, however. They’re tiny and relatively invisible, but boy oh boy, I can definitely attest to them hurting. You know how sometimes you suffer internal trauma more than external? This is one of those times. My belly around where the bottom half of the seatbelt cut in really hurts. But so does my chest where the upper dug in. I also found out they’re giving us money for the car because it’s beyond fixing, so this’ll be interesting. I asked my mom if my dad is mad about this and she said no, he seems pretty content. Just trying to figure out what car to purchase. I can’t say it enough though, I’m happy to be alive.

And now for happier news, I’m going to go with my friend to help her try on wedding dresses tomorrow morning at Demetrios and I’m super giddy. Even though it’s not me trying them on, I’m like second-hand excited about it. I’ve always wanted to make appointments to try on dresses even though I’m nowhere near getting married. Wedding dresses are the best kind of dresses. Every lady looks good in a gorgeous white dress, and that’s a true story.



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