Today Harbors Good News

Today was a much better day in comparison to yesterday’s traumatic turn of events. I successfully landed a job as a visual merchandiser to an upscale store near me and I am super excited to begin working there. Although my first shift goes until 1 AM, as most of them will. Not exactly looking forward to a 12-14 hour day, but I gotta slum it out for now. Again, I’m amazed and grateful that I was able to come in for that interview, fully functional and walking on my own two feet. God freaking bless.

Speaking of which, on my way home I took the freeway again and I saw the skid marks from my car and the debris left over. I didn’t see any tires though, but I also didn’t look that intently. I started tearing up. And sweating. I’ll never be able to drive that stretch of freeway again without thinking about what happened. I don’t care how many times I say it, I cannot believe I am alive right now. The bruises are beginning to show and the aches are beginning to surface in places I didn’t even know were traumatized. But I’ll take this momentary pain in place of worse injuries or death.



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