I’ve come to the realization that since I don’t have any sort of “real” obligation to blog on this blog anymore, my posts continue to become more rare as time goes on – and I’m not exactly sure I’m okay with that. (And by real, what I really mean is I’m not doing a 365 challenge anymore.)

Maybe I should revamp it and do a monthly challenge. Or, as I proposed earlier this year, a year’s worth of monthly challenges. I don’t think I can start that just yet however, since it’s in the middle of September. Next month is national blogging month I believe, in preparation for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) – which is how I started the 365 challenge 2 years ago. I liked it so much I didn’t want to stop. Maybe I’ll get back into the swing this way, but who knows. Even though I’m not terribly busy at the moment, somehow I feel like I have less time to accomplish this than I did when I was going to school and working at the same time – which makes no sense, because I definitely have more time now. I think I’m just lazy. And I don’t like that. I need structure back in my life.

Actually what I really need is a “real” job. Or one that pays better than what I’m currently making.


On the bright side, I’m going to be seeing Halestorm in December and this makes me extremely happy and excited.

Also, I got season 6 of The Big Bang Theory on DVD the other day and it’s hilarious. I love the Valentine’s Day episode when Sheldon gives Amy a copy of his personal information and at the bottom it says she’s his emergency contact person. My stomach plummeted and I got all emotional for a second with her. It reminded me of how I felt at graduation when HNI gave me a handwritten recipe. It’s the little things.


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