Happy 4th!

I really dislike waking up any time past 10:30. I think I woke up at ~11-11:30 today. But I also went to bed at like 3:30 in the morning. Thankfully, it was a pretty productive day.

I went shopping with my mom (she bought me the Nike shoes I wanted as my early birthday present!) and then came home and helped her cook by making the salad. Then I dyed fabric, and attempted to dye a semi-gray dress dark red. It didn’t work. I think it needs a bleach bath first.

Then I decided it was finally time to clean out my little bookcase full of books and spray paint. I was going to spray paint the inside gold and the outside white, but I decided it looked legit as all gold. I’m waiting for that to dry overnight in the garage and then I’ll be able to put my books back and have more room for reorganization. I’ve got a huge bag full of books to donate.

I also went to Chili’s for the first time ever with Krista and Jordyn. It was pretty good. We went up to Lamphere Hill after to watch fireworks and that was kinda cool. We had a literal 360 view of fireworks from our city and surrounding cities. Bugs kept flying at my face.

Overall, not a bad 4th of July.



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