Star Trek: Into Darkness (Spoilers!)

Last night I went and saw Star Trek: Into Darkness with my mom at our newly renovated local theater.

First let me say that this renovated AMC is hella fresh and fancy. Every single theater has fully reclining leather (I think leather…I didn’t sniff them, could be pleather) seats and MOTHERFUCKING walking room in all the aisles! It. Was. Awesome.

As for the movie, I would totally go see it again. It was SO GOOD! I read all kinds of viewer reviews on Tumblr last night via tags cause I was trying to find the bromance scene toward the end of the movie between Spock and Kirk, (there was so much bromance between them in this movie, omg) and had to wade through 20,000 gifs of Benedict Cumberbatch’s deleted shower scene that everyone is angrily creaming their pants over for having been deleted. He is a fine man specimen, but he looked so upset in that shower lmfao.

Anyway, I’ve noticed a lot of people are upset about various petty things in this movie such as:
1. Khan (Benedict) being white when in the originals he was Indian or whatever. The term whitewashing was thrown around, but frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn and I don’t think it really matters. He played the part very well. Plus! The original actor was a white man in black face.
2. John Harrison = Khan. Like why are you even upset!?
3. Spock showing emotion. I think people forget HE’S HALF HUMAN.
4. The scene when Kirk sneaks a peak at lieutenant (is she a lieutenant?…) Marcus in her underwear. Like, listen, I’m a feminist, okay? I get the whole being upset about this scene, but it’s really stupid to be upset about it in my opinion. It wasn’t that bad at all, and she looked great in her underwear. And as J.J. Abrams said in his interview with Conan, they had shown Kirk half naked in bed getting jiggy with two alien girls before that scene. Like it’s okay to exploit the male body and not the female body? Okay. And for all you who are going to say that the female body gets exploited every day in porn, etc, yeah, it does. It’s a choice. We all have them. Just like I choose to not be phased by someone in their underwear.

From a fashion standpoint, I was very excited about this movie as well. Let me preface this by saying that I love military-like uniforms, and I’ve always liked the Star Trek Starfleet uniforms. Last year, I considered making my own for Halloween. (I didn’t, I was a fox.)

Anyway! I thought the uniforms in this movie were pretty cool. I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but when they’re in their color coded uniforms on the Enterprise, the fabric is printed with miniscule Starfleet symbols. I also liked the chrome uniforms for when they were on earth. I thought they were sharp, and I would totally rock that shit daily.

Lastly, I really enjoyed the opening sequence of the movie when they revealed the Enterprise to those indigenous aliens, who then proceeded to draw the ship in the ground. I thought that was a nice stab at religion and our own beliefs about God and the stories of the bible. With the human consciousness beginning to awaken more each day, I think more people are willing to consider the implication that we too were visited by aliens in the past and wrote and told stories about them and, gasp, WORSHIPPED!! them.

All in all, it was a great movie, and it again ignited the burning desire I have for Star Trek and Starfleet to be real. I genuinely considered whether I would attend Starfleet Academy during the movie. The mission is to explore new worlds, and boldly go where no one has gone before. You must admit that takes serious guts. You have NO idea what you could meet, you’re millions of light years away from home, and you could die at any moment. It’s daunting, yet exciting. I think I’d do it. Only if Captain Picard was my captain though.


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