About the Time I Went to the ER

I cannot talk about recent events without first mentioning that I made to a trip to the ER today. But I won’t mention why, because it’s beyond embarrassing. The good news is I feel much better, I’m about to start antibiotics tomorrow, and I’m not in pain anymore – at least not severely. I also have to disinfect my whole life basically. JOY TO THE WORLD.

I endured this pain for the past week or so, (it got progressively worse) and I’m amazed that I managed to drive for ~1.5 hours yesterday to pick up Alyza and then sat for 2 hours at the Royal Oak Music Theater watching Bo Burnham perform live. Today I’ve been in a state of lethargy, up until the point where I started having a panic attack about the situation and quite literally almost passed out (sweating, prickly all over, color loss from face and arms, heavy labored breathing, nearly vommed, started seeing yellow circle spider web liked things) while my dad was taking too damn long getting ready to take me to the ER.

On the bright side, kinda, I’m excused from work this week. I’m debating who to call first in terms of letting them know I can’t come in. I kinda wish I could go in to work, but honestly, I don’t want to aggravate my condition. SIIIIGH.

Here’s to never experiencing this problem again.


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