Skinny Bitch & Veganism

I recently finished a book entitled Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. It’s about how to become a “skinny bitch” and centers around the organic, vegan lifestyle. I’d heard of this book a while back, but for some reason didn’t decide to buy it until a few weeks ago when it popped up on my Tumblr dashboard.

It is basically among the best $5 I’ve ever spent on anything. Ever. Let me preface this by saying that I am, or perhaps, I was up until about a week ago – a “poultra-pescatarian”. That’s a term I made up (though pescatarianism is a real thing and a real word) that described my diet. In my household, we do not eat anything heavier than poultry or seafood. Very rarely, we have pork. Personally, I stopped eating “heavy” meats about 10 years ago because my body couldn’t digest them anymore. And also because I never liked beef or steak or any of that shit. It’s fucking disgusting.

This book reminded me, rather than opened my eyes for the first time, about the horrors that go into mass meat production. I wish I could talk about Skinny Bitch and veganism without talking about mass meat production, but they are unfortunately tied together.

To write about all the details talked about in this book would make this post a book in itself, so I will say this: One of the most poignant things in that book was the portion when they were talking about the production of meat for the masses and the disgusting, inhumane, unsanitary conditions that the animals have to suffer their miserable lives through. In particular, I remember a quote from a pork slaughterhouse employee who said that he had cut off the snout of a pig who was squealing, and it squealed louder and more horribly. So he ground a handful of salt on the open wound, and the pig was in such shock that it didn’t know what to do. And then, because he still had salt in his hand, he stuck it up the pig’s butt until it was squealing it’s head off from shock. Can you imagine?

Furthermore, another point that greatly stood out to me, and I literally cannot stop thinking about every single time I see a piece of meat, is this: when you are eating meat, you are literally eating a putrefying, rotting corpse. The moment an animal is dead, it starts decomposing. That’s what you’re putting in your body. Cooked or not. It is a rotting corpse. And you are putting that in your body.

In the past week, I have become even more conscious of what I eat, and have tried to buy mostly organic produce. I’ve also been reading food labels more intently and making sure I don’t buy foods with artificial ingredients, animal byproducts (something I already did, but less consciously) or preservatives.

I’m not going to say I’m a full vegan yet, because I’m not. (Probably not giving up leather, like, ever.) The hardest thing for me to give up is dairy products. I love cheese like you wouldn’t believe. I know it’s bad for me, I do. But I just bought some goat cheese and bleu cheese and fancy fig and honey cheese last week and I feel kinda bad not eating it, but at the same time, I know not eating it will only put me on the path to goodness. I will admit I had bleu cheese in my salad the other night. I felt sinful, but happy. Guilty happy.

I also watched Vegucated on Netflix tonight. It didn’t present any knowledge I didn’t already possess about veganism, but it definitely reassured me that eating meat is eating rotting corpses and the cruelty endured by animals in slaughterhouses is downright revolting. It also made me physically sick, and I’ve been trying to not vomit for the past hour or so.

Like “eating healthy” to lose weight is not a diet, but a lifestyle change, so is this. I fully believe this is another step toward furthering myself in my weight loss and healthy living goals. I am not a “meatatarian” and I never have been, so this is relatively easy for me to embrace. It would be easier, however, if my entire household was on the same page as me. My dad is a total meatatarian and complained two weeks ago when I made a DELICIOUS vegetarian dinner for the family. I think he has a tendency to forget how good a vegetarian diet is for him because he misses eating heavy meats all the time. But you don’t pass out and then get blood-work back telling you your triglycerides are so high, they can’t be measured, from eating vegetables.

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