Mad Men Sundays Are Da Best

I would just like to take a moment and applaud myself for the self-restraint I showed today while out shopping. I didn’t buy a dress, two perfumes, a shirt, shorts, or sunglasses.

I did, however, purchase a pair of pajama pants that I turned into pajama pedal pushers cause they were only $7 at Target and fuck yes, that’s why. Also, I stocked up on the cereal I’m currently in love with. Four boxes should last me about 2 weeks.

AAAAAND, I decided to exercise outside today, so I hit up the Hill and did four laps. Including uphill lunges and uphill squats. My ass and legs are going to feel that shit tomorrow, I know it. My thighs already did right after, while I was driving. But whatever, I love the pain.

Lastly, DID YOU ALL WATCH MAD MEN!? What a turn of events at the end there! Shit son. I wasn’t sure how I should feel. I’m still not sure how to feel. Can’t wait for the next episode, it looks interesting.


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