The Phenomenal Handclap Band is Kind Of a Big Deal

Among the various thousands of thoughts that have passed through my brain waves today, the most recent that stood out enough to share with you all was this (and I’m not sure if I’ve shared this before, but I think I have):

I still firmly believe people are attracted to people who look like themselves. I’m not saying this is universal, but I often find that I run into couples who look rather similar in their facial features, posture, even height sometimes.

I remember watching something on PBS, might’ve been NOVA, about this subject. It stuck with me and made me notice it more.

Anyway, so this weekend while I was shopping at Forever 21, they played this song that I SoundHounded cause I really liked it and wanted to add it to my Spotify playlist. Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t have this song, but they do have other albums by The Phenomenal Handclap Band and I’m discovering that I really like their music. It’s easy and breezy and kind of reminds me of Benny Hill.

You’re welcome.

Additionally, I’m quite proud of myself for finally getting off my ass and going up to the school to finish making skirts for my friend. I couldn’t do them the past two weeks due to being sick, but I started them yesterday and finished them today. I also paid HNI a visit and was very happy to see him again, it had been too long.

And now it’s time to repaint my nails so I look presentable at work.

Why Does Every Psychic Tell Me I’m Going Have Kids?

So I got a psychic reading today.

Every time I go to downtown Ferndale, I visit the Boston Tea Room to see what new crystals and jewelry they have. I ended up getting a piece of blue sunstone and a rose quartz point. Then I decided to cash in one of my $5 off a half hour reading coupons.

It was an pretty good and interesting reading. For whatever reason, the part that I keep remembering is when she was reading my palm and asked me if I was planning on/wanted kids. I said no. And she said “well I see one here” and laughed.

Maybe it’s the fact that I keep denying the possibility that I will pop babies out that makes that the most poignant thing whenever I get psychic readings. On my drive home, I wondered to myself whether I should maybe just accept the fact that it could/will happen instead of fighting it? AND THEN I STARTED NAMING POSSIBLE FUTURE CHILD.

That’s where I feel like it could happen. When I allow myself to start giving this possibility a name. I feel like I lose control over the situation through that. But then, if that’s true, then I lost control 2 two years ago. Did I ever really have control anyway? Probably not. We like to lull ourselves into thinking we have control over our lives, but there are so many other factors.

Anyway, it’s time to go to see Iron Man 3. Peace out homies.

Star Trek: Into Darkness (Spoilers!)

Last night I went and saw Star Trek: Into Darkness with my mom at our newly renovated local theater.

First let me say that this renovated AMC is hella fresh and fancy. Every single theater has fully reclining leather (I think leather…I didn’t sniff them, could be pleather) seats and MOTHERFUCKING walking room in all the aisles! It. Was. Awesome.

As for the movie, I would totally go see it again. It was SO GOOD! I read all kinds of viewer reviews on Tumblr last night via tags cause I was trying to find the bromance scene toward the end of the movie between Spock and Kirk, (there was so much bromance between them in this movie, omg) and had to wade through 20,000 gifs of Benedict Cumberbatch’s deleted shower scene that everyone is angrily creaming their pants over for having been deleted. He is a fine man specimen, but he looked so upset in that shower lmfao.

Anyway, I’ve noticed a lot of people are upset about various petty things in this movie such as:
1. Khan (Benedict) being white when in the originals he was Indian or whatever. The term whitewashing was thrown around, but frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn and I don’t think it really matters. He played the part very well. Plus! The original actor was a white man in black face.
2. John Harrison = Khan. Like why are you even upset!?
3. Spock showing emotion. I think people forget HE’S HALF HUMAN.
4. The scene when Kirk sneaks a peak at lieutenant (is she a lieutenant?…) Marcus in her underwear. Like, listen, I’m a feminist, okay? I get the whole being upset about this scene, but it’s really stupid to be upset about it in my opinion. It wasn’t that bad at all, and she looked great in her underwear. And as J.J. Abrams said in his interview with Conan, they had shown Kirk half naked in bed getting jiggy with two alien girls before that scene. Like it’s okay to exploit the male body and not the female body? Okay. And for all you who are going to say that the female body gets exploited every day in porn, etc, yeah, it does. It’s a choice. We all have them. Just like I choose to not be phased by someone in their underwear.

From a fashion standpoint, I was very excited about this movie as well. Let me preface this by saying that I love military-like uniforms, and I’ve always liked the Star Trek Starfleet uniforms. Last year, I considered making my own for Halloween. (I didn’t, I was a fox.)

Anyway! I thought the uniforms in this movie were pretty cool. I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but when they’re in their color coded uniforms on the Enterprise, the fabric is printed with miniscule Starfleet symbols. I also liked the chrome uniforms for when they were on earth. I thought they were sharp, and I would totally rock that shit daily.

Lastly, I really enjoyed the opening sequence of the movie when they revealed the Enterprise to those indigenous aliens, who then proceeded to draw the ship in the ground. I thought that was a nice stab at religion and our own beliefs about God and the stories of the bible. With the human consciousness beginning to awaken more each day, I think more people are willing to consider the implication that we too were visited by aliens in the past and wrote and told stories about them and, gasp, WORSHIPPED!! them.

All in all, it was a great movie, and it again ignited the burning desire I have for Star Trek and Starfleet to be real. I genuinely considered whether I would attend Starfleet Academy during the movie. The mission is to explore new worlds, and boldly go where no one has gone before. You must admit that takes serious guts. You have NO idea what you could meet, you’re millions of light years away from home, and you could die at any moment. It’s daunting, yet exciting. I think I’d do it. Only if Captain Picard was my captain though.

Motor City Comic Con Was Actually a Ginger Convention

Okay so, I’ve been procrastinating writing this post for like an hour and a half because agh, fuck, the internet is distracting and there’s pretty pictures.

BUT ANYWAY, so this weekend I attended my first nerdy convention ever: Motor City Comic Con and it was a BLAAAAST. Alyza and manfriend were courteous enough to pick me up and let me crash with them at manfriend’s mom’s apartment for the weekend, and I got in free via being a photographer for XICW.

On Friday, XICW didn’t perform, so we just hit up all the exhibitors and artists and I ¬†FOUND TUXEDO MASK, who I kind of ended up stalking a little bit throughout the weekend because he was there dressed in costume all 3 days and an easy target for my camera lens. So consequently, I have a plethora of photos of this kid. He fucking threw roses at the audience during the costume contest and walked around holding a rose to his nose ALL WEEKEND LONG. HE WAS MY FAVORITE.

Friday night, I discovered Alyza and I were sharing an AIR MATTRESS. I make it sound really bad, but it was hilarious more than anything else. Before manfriend went to sleep, he came in to check on us and I was wobbling around on it while Alyza was giggling her face off. I’m pretty sure the soreness I feel in my triceps is from sleeping on that damn thing.

Saturday was a fantastic day. There were redheads EVERYWHERE and I was in ginger heaven. It was the most packed (the line wrapped around the building nearly twice and from the tags I’ve been stalking on social networking, it was about a 3 hours wait to get in) and there were SO MANY PEOPLE IN COSTUME it was fantastic. Of course I took pictures of as many interesting ones as I could. UNFORTUNATELY, I somehow didn’t take a picture of the guy dressed as fucking GREEN MAN!! from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Idk wtf I was thinking there cause I totally ran up to him and tapped him on the shoulder to see if I had guessed his costume right.

They were so fabulous, I almost couldn’t handle it.

I skipped the first half of the XICW show to take pictures of the costume contest which was very amusing (a guy dressed as Where’s Waldo kept peeking in and was heckled by the accouncer) and the girl dressed at Loki won. She doesn’t look that happy, but I’m pretty sure she’s just really socially awkward, and that’s totally okay.

Saturday night was really long post convention. We had dinner at Hooters and I got a free meal because my food was mega late. The manager delivered it and apologized. I was like okay! Then I think we went to the after party which we thought was supposed to be like all the vendors and famous people (OH YEAH BTW STAN LEE, NORMAN REEDUS, MARINA SIRTIS, LOU FERRIGNO, AMONG THE CELEBS THERE) but turned out to be some vendors, a most of the XICW crew, and fans.

This happened.

Then we went to an after after party at this bar called Stingers. I should mention that I was 100% sober the entire time this weekend (only because I’m on antibiotics) so I was drinking water and observing everyone making fools of themselves and trying to hook up. It was amusing.

Sunday was slightly depressing. It was a little like Friday in terms of amounts of people. It was still pretty packed around 12-2 PM and then slowly started dying out. It was the day I ran around and spent too much money on art that I had been stalking all weekend. My favorite purchase is this original fan painting of Ron Perlman as Hellboy which I talked down from $50 to $37.

My second favorite purchase is KICKASS HUNGER GAMES POCKET WATCH which I paid $40 for (totally overpriced. I didn’t even try to talk this down) and I keep popping open and snapping closed with too much flair in my fingers.

I also bought this cute Powerpuff Girls print and framed it in this fancy frame I spray painted gold today. #craftybitch

Friday and Sunday I talked to a good number of vendors. This one adorable guy who I bought a print of an octopus from was probably my favorite – he was really nice and had a great artistic aesthetic and I gave him my business card. Also, these two guys that made pixelated magnets and keychains were very friendly and I liked them a lot. YAY FRIENDLY PEOPLE!!! <3

Look at them. They’re so cute.

All in all, it was a great weekend and I’m glad I decided to go (I was debating cancelling). My right shoulder still hurts from carrying ~30 pounds of purse all weekend. ALSO, I wore my fox ears all weekend long (and my tail was attached to my purse) and had several people tell me they liked them and several more touched/scratched them. I was tempted to purr every time. But I’m pretty sure foxes don’t purr. Da fuq.

On Peace of Mind

I don’t know what’s happening with my life, but I’m trying not to stress or worry too much about it (even though in my back of my mind, everyone nagging me is making me think maybe I should worry) cause I really don’t appreciate stress sickness. Plus, worrying is like a rocking chair. It’ll give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere. So I’m just going to keep going with the flow and see where it takes me.

I think when you stop trying to control things you can’t control, they fall into place easier. You just have to have the courage and the peace of mind to allow yourself to be guided. I think that’s a tough thing for people. I know I struggle with it. But it’s really about taking a step back and talking to yourself – does this really matter? What am I accomplishing here? Why am I wasting my energy on this? Will I benefit from worrying about this? (PROBABLY NOT.)

Peace of mind is a challenge. I think like happiness, peace of mind is not something that is stagnant, but rollercoaster-like. And you must remember to cleanse your thoughts of negativity and allow only positive things to inhabit the space.