I Cleaned My Desk, Yay!

First I watched this very amusing video of Ron Swanson eating a banana:

Then it led me to TWERKSANITY lmfao.

Also, I finally got around to cleaning and organizing all the paperwork I had piled up for ~4 years in the top portion of my desk. Once I get rid of the books in there, it’s gonna be even more roomy. Pretttttty excited I accomplished this today!

I’m taking baby steps toward cleaning my room overall. Next time I have a significant amount of time, I will be cleaning the two cubby shelves of the desk where I have stashed various random things including, from what I can currently see, Anthropologie candles, a devious book my friends gave me for Christmas one year, and plushies.

YOU KNOW WHAT THOUGH, I just got a BRILLIANT IDEA. I should paint my desk. YES. Maybe I will when it gets warmer out and stops raining. Excellent. Bed time.



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