The graduate life continues to be interesting.

I spent yesterday with Alyza and Angela at the studio and we helped Ang make limited edition Tigers leggings for opening day in Detroit tomorrow, as well as some cushions.

When we came home, we went HAM on an enchilada bake and avocado and I swear, in the moment, we were nursing the most delicious of food babies…

Today we hit up Great Lakes Crossing and spent about 6 hours shopping. It was fun because shopping is always fun and because the amount of animal print shirts we found were ample and fantastic. Forever 21 had the most options in that department.

We had Panda Express for dunchen and I feel like I committed dietary sin and I’m going to hate the ever living shit out of myself at my Sunday weigh in, which means I need to make it up in clean eating and exercising (duh). Seriously. I feel like I’ve been really bad these past 2 months and I need to stop fucking around.

Goals can’t be reached by not working hard for them. Damnit. I’m about to bootcamp my ass into shape because I didn’t work this hard to get to where I am so I could gain it back. I refuse to allow myself to gain weight that isn’t muscle mass.


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