Halestorm & Jon Hamm’s Penis

For the past week or so, since I’ve been delving deeper into the cavern that is Spotify, I’ve been fixating on Halestorm and mentally enveloping myself in their music. Like holy shit, I can’t get enough. I think they’ve officially earned a spot among my favorite bands, because, damn.

Haley’s voice is just intoxicating. It just feels perfect, synesthetically. I can’t explain it correctly. Sometimes it’s golden, sometimes it garnet red. It gurgles the right way in my throat and has the right texture on my tongue, which sounds disturbing, but synesthesia gives no fucks.

I keep listening to their cover of Skid Row’s Slave to the Grind. It’s SO GOOD.

Seriously guys, if you haven’t listened to Halestorm before, I highly recommend them. They actually won the Grammy this year for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance for their song Love Bites (So Do I). They’re the first female-fronted band to be nominated and win in this category!

P.S. I’m still amused that all the search words leading people to my blog are still in reference to Jon Hamm’s penis. Thank you, Jon Hamm’s penis.



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