Jon Hamm’s Penis

It appears that a lot of people are searching “Jon Hamm” and “penis” at the same time and it’s taking them to blog because my stats are pretty insanely high and they’re telling me like 4 of the most recent searches include Jon Hamm penis.

Thank you, strangers who want to look at Jon Hamm’s massive penis. I appreciate the stat boost. Here’s a present for all of you:

Originally I was going to post a picture emphasizing his sizable goodies, but this is more priceless than all Jon Hamm penis pictures combined. Cheers to whoever made this.

Speaking of Jon Hamm, I just finished season 5 of Mad Men and like WTF SECOND TO LAST EPISODE!? WTF PETE CAMPBELL YOU’VE REALLY BECOME AN ASSHOLE!? That’s all. Can’t wait for season 6.


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