Spotify is Kinda Awesome

Maybe it’s the drunkeness and exhaustion of last night, but I am so tired today.

Maybe it’s also the fact that I went to the gym and showered (bathing usually makes me kinda sleepy).

Tomorrow is my last day of college. I’m feeling the bittersweetness really start to sink in. How has 3 and a half years flown by so quickly? How am I 21? How have I managed to pass all these classes? How did I not completely lose my mind? What is my life?

Also, I have this thing I do where I get stubborn and refuse to do things that are popular at a given time because everyone else is doing them. Anyway, I finally gave in yesterday and got Spotify. Sometimes I want to smack myself for being stubborn, BECAUSE THIS SHIT IS AWESOME. FREE MUSIC!? WHOLE ALBUMS!? UM YES PLEASE AND THANKS.

That is all that I care to expound on tonight.



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