Senioritis Level 1000 Unlocked

My life on Monday night:

Attempt to do homework >>> Get distracted >>> Scroll through my entire Twitter feed to find the first tweet I ever tweeted >>> Get distracted by lyrics in tweets >>> Listen to music sparked by reading my tweets >>> Kik chat >>> Attempt to make posts on forum >>> Check up on bowling event on Facebook to see if anyone new has decided to go >>> Pick at various parts of my body >>> Give up.

The last thing I want to think about right now is ETHICS. Come oooon son. My Senioritis level is through the roof. But I’m pretty excited for Thursday night. Hopefully a lot of people will actually show up to bowling and it won’t be like last time when like 5 people showed up. I was so pissed.

I’m think I’m going to make flyers/posters tomorrow and put them up for people to see. MIGHT AS WELL WITH ALL THAT CASH MONEY ON MY PRINTING ACCOUNT.



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