Weekend Thoughts


This has been a rough weekend between emotional turmoil and working all three days. I haven’t worked all 3 weekend days in a really long time. My feet are screaming at me. But not as bad as yesterday, when I knew I shouldn’t have worn heeled boots, but did it anyway.  Last night I passed the fuck out around like 11:30 and slept until 10:30 this morning.

On the bright side, I had two very pleasant customers this weekend. One was a man who came in to get his wife’s ring cleaned and inspected, and was very happy about life in general and asked a lot of questions and I ended up giving him my personal business card. The other was a girl tonight who was shopping for a promise ring and was also generally happy with life. She was calmly excited (if that’s even possible to imagine) about the whole ordeal. I really enjoy people like that who put me at ease when I’m working with them.

We also had gorgeous weather today in Michigan. High of 64!! It felt glorious. I know this only because it radiated into the store and I was constantly updating my weather app on my phone. And also because it was still nice out when I left. I’m so excited to be wearing my spring coat.

Also, tomorrow I’m entering my last week of college. I foresee crying this week. And also heavy drinking starting Thursday night through Sunday – hopefully no hangovers on Monday. Wish me luck!



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