Before & After Pride

Sometimes I get trapped in the blogosphere and I find myself half an hour later so far away from where I started that I have to stop and applaud myself for being such an amazing procrastinator.

Tonight I found my way cyber-stalking some guy who had half his body weight after finding this before and after weight loss Tumblr.

Anyway, it’s really good motivation to help me stay on track and continue the success of last year’s weight drop. I need to take this year to a whole new level. I need to be better than I was before, more determined, more ambitious, and more focused on becoming a better me.

The funny thing is my one year anniversary of starting WeightWatchers is in just a few days, so this popped up just at the right time.

I can’t wait for a year from now to see my before and after (or during, depending) photos. I’m so proud of myself for what I’ve achieved thus far.


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