Crazy’s, I Believe, the Medical Term

One of the things I love best about music is “sneaky” music. Like, you know those songs that sounds really awesome and cheery or whatever, but when you listen to the lyrics, you realize it’s actually kinda fucking sad?

Yeah. I love that shit.

Example: Iodine by Icon For Hire. I can jam out to this song so easily. In fact, I was jamming out to it at the gym today. I decided to listen to it a few minutes ago and read the lyrics. This song is about depression. And I can totally relate, in a retrospective and occasionally present, way. But it sounds all pumped up and shit. Like it kinda makes you wanna pretend you know how to play the electric guitar and maybe headbang a little. At least tap your foot or jump around a little. But it’s still about depression.


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