I am so unfocused it’s ridiculous how long it took for me to formulate this sentence. I just feel happy. And slightly annoyed at how easily distracted I am.

However, I had the focus to do this henna on my legs today. Kinda in love with it. I love tattoos right above the knees. If I ever got anything there for real, they would  have to be something really good that I’d want to stare at for the rest of my life.

Okay seriously though. I’m ridiculously happy and I can barely contain it. It’s starting to form clouds of color in the back of my mouth. This is whole situation is blowing my mind right now. I can’t believe it’s happening. I keep questioning if it’s really happening. I think it’s really happening. I’ve cried a few times coming to that conclusion. I’ve waited so. fucking. long. 



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