I Give Narcissism a Whole New Level of Definition

What I did today instead of working on my business plan:

1. Put up this before and current picture in celebration of today being the 1 year anniversary since I joined WeightWatchers and took in all the positive feedback I got from my friends and family.

2. Got my hair colored and cut ~ 4 hours.

3. Went to Target.

4. Spent like an hour after checkout talking with my friend Joe.

5. Took 5 million narcissistic pictures of myself because I can’t let a good hair day go to waste.

6. Edited one of those pictures to join my elite army of profile pictures. Don’t judge me.

Before & After Pride

Sometimes I get trapped in the blogosphere and I find myself half an hour later so far away from where I started that I have to stop and applaud myself for being such an amazing procrastinator.

Tonight I found my way cyber-stalking some guy who had half his body weight after finding this before and after weight loss Tumblr.

Anyway, it’s really good motivation to help me stay on track and continue the success of last year’s weight drop. I need to take this year to a whole new level. I need to be better than I was before, more determined, more ambitious, and more focused on becoming a better me.

The funny thing is my one year anniversary of starting WeightWatchers is in just a few days, so this popped up just at the right time.

I can’t wait for a year from now to see my before and after (or during, depending) photos. I’m so proud of myself for what I’ve achieved thus far.

Church and Crystals

Remember the last time I went to church and blogged about it? And I mentioned there’s a chandelier in the center dome that’s like the size of my car? I snapped a picture of it today cause I decided I needed some Jesus in my life or something.

I thought I got there late enough today to not endure standing up and sitting down and making crosses over myself, but apparently 11 AM is still early cause the pope didn’t start talking until 11:35 and I was like sweet baby Jesus and kept looking at all the paintings of the saints and once again thought about aliens and what I learned about saints and architecture in my art history classes.

I hit up downtown Ferndale after and had a lovely time down there by myself. Although winter is really depressing cause there’s like no one else walking around willy nilly. I bought some new crystals (and a pendant) and a really legit cutting board that I don’t have a picture of (yet). I also bought energy chunks and date and coconut rolls from the Natural Patch.

I plan on exploring downtown Ferndale more in depth in the future. I know there’s more to it than just the west side of 9 mile, but I kinda feel like I need a buddy to do it with, you know? Same goes for downtown Berkley and downtown Birmingham. I’ve explored the majority of downtown Royal Oak though. Baby steps!

Crazy’s, I Believe, the Medical Term

One of the things I love best about music is “sneaky” music. Like, you know those songs that sounds really awesome and cheery or whatever, but when you listen to the lyrics, you realize it’s actually kinda fucking sad?

Yeah. I love that shit.

Example: Iodine by Icon For Hire. I can jam out to this song so easily. In fact, I was jamming out to it at the gym today. I decided to listen to it a few minutes ago and read the lyrics. This song is about depression. And I can totally relate, in a retrospective and¬†occasionally¬†present, way. But it sounds all pumped up and shit. Like it kinda makes you wanna pretend you know how to play the electric guitar and maybe headbang a little. At least tap your foot or jump around a little. But it’s still about depression.