Quick Fire Thoughts

My thoughts today:

1. I am motivated to write a Thought Catalog article, but I am not motivated to do the act of actually writing it. Does that make sense?

2. The only reason I’d ever want to be one of the Jersey Shore girls is that they seem to always have all this time in the world to go to the gym and exercise. I spent a whole hour in my living room tonight just doing various stretches and abdominal workouts. ONE HOUR. JUST STRETCHING. #iwishihadmoretimeforthis

3. The lack of desire to go to work tomorrow is so immense that I feel like time is going to drag by tortuously slow.

4. I’ve been trying to figure out a good reason why I would need a tablet. I haven’t come up with any, unless you count “bigger screen than my phone to read kindle books.

5. In my hunt for a bag of chocolate chips that I later found out my mom threw away because they got old, I ended up cleaning and reorganizing our kitchen pantry. Now, every time I pass by it, I momentarily stop and admire my beautiful work. #vanity

6. Sometimes I think that if I meditate, I’ll fall asleep.

7. I want to repaint my room, but the thought of moving everything out of it hurts my brain.

8. I need to repaint my nails, now that I think about it. Especially before tomorrow, cause I can’t be showing people jewelry with jankyass chipped nails.

9. Is it rude to become FB friends with someone you don’t (yet) know in real life but you know of them and they know of you and you haven’t yet introduced yourself, a week later? Like should you send a HEYYY THIS MEEEE SORRY TO GET THIS TO YOU 8 DAYS LATER message? What’s the etiquette there?

10. Today I found a $190 pen and decided that someday, I will own it. IT WRITES IN PEARL GOLD INK. 

11. I need new hour slippers (moccasins) but I don’t feel like dishing out the money. Yet.


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