Expensive Parrots

So I went to Petco today with the intention of buying a new betta fish, but I was unimpressed with the selection and ended up spending 10 minutes checking out the Conure parrots they had (which were like $369 or something crazy a parrot). They were SO cute though. Super energetic and super sociable and all they wanted to do was lick my fingers. I managed to get at least one good picture while they were jumping around all over the place, excited about me giving them attention.

Aren’t they the cutest though?

Anyway, so I stopped by Marshall’s too cause I had some time and I wanted to see if they had any hour glasses left, and they did, so I bought my mom an hour glass since I broke the last one.

I also picked up this super awesome, ornate picture frame that I’m not sure what I’m going to put in it yet, but I’m glad I own it cause it looks awesome.

I also found this random hexagon shaped glass box made in India that I decided would be the perfect container to store my “things that made me happy today” notes for this year’s “365 challenge”. (I’m not adhering to the whole 365 thing though).  And I’m in love with it.



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