Schoolin’ Newbs

Today I basically froze my ass off at work as 29 degree air was blowing on me the entire time. Thankfully it was nice and cozy up at the school, as after work I went up there and hung out for 4 hours with some of my graduate game friends.

There was a sketchbook that had been in the room we were in for some weeks and I inquired about it and no one knew who’s it was. I flipped through it and the remaining 4 of us decided we’re going to make it a weekly exercise of drawing what the person drew in it already, but 10x better because their sketches suck.

This is our first newbie schoolin’:

The bottom page is the original artwork found in the sketchbook. The top is our take on the storyboard. My frame is the third one in the first row, with the shitty drawn guy throwing the salt shaker on the ground.




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