I’m So Over Today.

Today has been a really shitty day.

Between being rejected by Anthropologie for their visual merchandising internship because apparently they’re “not doing internships” currently, and being glued to my computer for the majority of the day back at step 1, all I want to do is drop out of college and run away and be a starving artist or a hippie or something.

Because like, if people don’t want to hire me for free labor, what the fuck am I doing with my life anyway?

I’m half serious. I know I’m good at shit. But I’m really not feeling any of this bullshit today.

Sometimes I think I really don’t fit in with the conventional ideals of society and how things should be and how they should work and how everyone should do things.

I should just fucking drop out now and make Youtube videos and sell tshirts with my face on them. Goddddd, should’ve been doing that all along.



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